2016 The Year of the Pirate (10 Years of Pirate Party)

2016 The Year of the Pirate (10 Years of Pirate Party)

On 1 January 2006 Rick Falkvinge uploaded a website that announced the formation of Piratpartiet (the Swedish Pirate Party) and thereby the Pirate Movement was born. So on 1 January 2016, the pirate party will celebrate 10 years of existence. Since then the movement has spread across the world and had success in getting Pirates into legislatures around the world. We come from many nations, speak many languages, have people from all across the gender and orientation spectrum, all levels of ability, religion is not a barrier and we cover a wide range of ideologies.  Pirates are diverse and accepting.

The Swedish Pirates wish to celebrate this 10 year anniversary with special events over the entire 2016.  PPSE wants to invite the whole Pirate world to join them.  There will be a compilation of the history of the Pirates released and later in the spring of 2016 there will be a grand party somewhere in Sweden to celebrate.

Not everyone can afford to travel to Sweden to join the celebration party being planned for spring.  What can Pirates located around the world do to celebrate? A conference, that will explore women’s involvement in the movement, is currently being planned and might consider linking itself to the 10 year celebrations. PPI are also  looking to theme its general assembly along the lines of the festivities being planned.

The Pirate Movement is both grassroots and swarm. Thus, on the principle that any three Pirates can organise an official Pirate event, get together and plan something related to the 10 year anniversary. Things that can be organized are local and regional events (or online conferences), focusing on the histories of local parties as well as the movement.  Following a period of increasing nationalism, these Pirate events can be a beacon of diversity for everyone.

Events and projects that brings Pirates together for the first time and give the opportunity for friendships as well as working relationships are very important as these strengthen our movement more than anything else. PPI would like to help you coordinate with others to make 2016 the year of the Pirate and celebrate our diversity.

Send an email to board[at]pp-international[dot]netcontact[at]piratetimes[dot]net or join the loomio group to share your ideas.

Featured image: jonsson CC BY