Slovenian Pirates Might Enter Parliament Today

Slovenian Pirates Might Enter Parliament Today

Today, 13 July  2014 , Slovenia is holding its national elections where the Pirate Party of Slovenia (PPSI) might enter their national parliament. In the EU elections they achieved 2.57% of votes and have high hopes of achieving more in these elections.

The elections where announced 41 days ago which gave PPSI only 10 days to gather ~600 signatures and fill out the paperwork needed to participate in these elections. They filed for elections in all of Slovenias regions but initially one of the lists was declined. Five of the other lists had been approved on the exact same point that the last list was declined on. After an appeal to their supreme court they where allowed to partake in all regions. The successful appeal in the supreme court was the first time a complaint against an election committee was approved in Slovenia.

Election poster featuring a lady pirateAt midnight on Friday was the obligatory campaign suspension, for all political parties in the elections, took effect. The final national TV debate took place just before the campaign stop and PPSI put in some good final words.

Most polls have shown PPSI at 1.5-2.0%, but these polls have not managed to reach most people in the range of 18-35years (which is a key demographic for PPSI support). Online polls have shown Pirate Party of Slovenia at ~14%, with one online poll for the national television and radio website showing PPSI at 11%. One of the most recent “normal” polls shows PPSI at 3.4%.

The threshold for the election is 4% which would give PPSI 4 seats and around 10.000 Euro per month to finance their party. Already at results of 1% they will receive approximately 4.000 Euro per month for the party.

The Pirate Partyof Slovenia gave the Pirate Times an informed guess estimating a result in the 3-5% range. At 19:00 the first exit polls will be published and at 23:00 the first unofficial results start coming in.


All images: CC BY-NC PPSI