What Do Pirate Parties Share on Twitter?

What Do Pirate Parties Share on Twitter?

The pirate movement is a global political movement based on shared core principles. Thus they tend to be interested in sharing similar things on their social media. The Pirate Times took a look at twitter sharing from different Pirate Parties and created a news ticker of the most popular shares.

pirate party share on twitter news and links for pirates

Static version. Right side of piratetimes.net shows an updated one

The news ticker gathers information from 47 of the official Pirate Partie accounts from around the world and also the twitter accounts for PPI, PPEU, Conferederación Pirata and the Pirate Times. Whenever the same link is shared by more than one of these accounts it is showed on the newsticker on the right side of our homepage.

Featured image: CC-BY-NC-SA, giulia.forsythe