A new milestone for the international Pirate movement looms

A new milestone for the international Pirate movement looms

Today and Tomorrow, the Pirates in the Czech Republic (PPCZ) are competing in their national elections.

PPCZ launched their campaign on 22 May 2017 with the hope of reaching 10% of the votes. Their campaign is based on two main agenda points:

  • Radical tax reforms
  • Changes to government administration

As many countries the Czech Republic has a 5% electoral threshold to enter Parliament. The Pirates have managed to reach up to as high as 7.6% in recent polls. Their chances of getting into their national parliament are quite good. If they manage to enter their national parliament they will be the second Pirate Party to achieve this goal after Iceland.

Koen De Voegt

About Koen De Voegt

I'm a 38 year old electronics engineer from Antwerp, Belgium. I joined the Belgian Pirate Party in October of 2011. Around that time I was one of the first members of the Ghent branch. In January 2012 I founded the local branch of the PP in the city and province of Antwerp. I'm also traveling to international PP meetings, sometimes as delegate. I find the international nature of the pirate movement one of its great strengths to focus more on this I've successfully ran for co-chairperson of PPI.