All Pirate Party Votes in the EU Election ~800.000 Votes

All Pirate Party Votes in the EU Election ~800.000 Votes

Throughout the 15 countries that had Pirate Parties participating in the EU elections there was a total of  840.446 votes for Pirate Parties. There was one MEP elected in Germany, Julia Reda, where they reached 1.45%

In Czech Republic they where extremely close (4.78%) and now have 10 days to try and turn the missing 0.22% to the barrier in their favor through their constitutional court. Luxembourg got a massive 4.23% and will get significant funding for the future. In Slovenia they also managed very good and reached 2.57% in their first election.

Edit 6/6: The vote-counts mentioned in this article are based on the first results from the EU elections. Thus the exact count may have gone up or done by some votes related to the final results.

Results of the Participating Pirate Parties


Croatia pphr pirate party croatia is running for eu elections

0.39% with 3.623 votes [source]

In Croatia they had an election campaign with no budget at all.

Czech Republic pirate party czech republic are running for eu election

4.78% with 72.514 votes [source]

In Czech Republic there is a 5% treshold which means that PPCZ where 0.22% from a seat in the European Parliament. They will complain about the system to their constitutional court.

Finland pirate party finland in eu elections

0.72% with 12.355 votes [source]

Finnish people seem happy with result, say it was over their expectations.

France parti pirate france is running for eu election

0.20% with 39.473 votes [source]

PPFR participated in 6/8 possible regions.

Germany ppde piratenpartei will be in eu elections

1.45% with 424.510 votes [source]

Almost enough for two seats but Germany has 1 MEP elected, Julia Reda, who says she’s an “European Pirate”


Luxembourg pirate party luxembourg piratepartei will compete for european elections

4.23% with 8.259 votes [source]

PPLU did not get enough for a seat but are very happy with result which means they will get ~120.000 Euro / year in funding for their pirate party. In Luxembourg each person gets six votes to place on individual candidates or all on the same list. The above result has been weighted to reflect vote weight compared to other countries.

The Netherlands piratenpartij is netherlands holland and will have pirate candidates for eu elections

0.80% with 40.063 votes [source]

Not close to a seat but a good first appearance for PPNL.

Slovenia pirate party slovenia will run for eu election

2.57% with 10.139 votes [source]

This was the first election for the Slovenian Pirates. Their campaign budget was ~500 Euros and they are happy with the result since they have a long term plan for their Pirate Party.

Spain ppes is not but spanish pirates are in eu elections

0.24% with 38.422 votes [source]

Considering that ‘Confederacion Pirata‘ is a very young confederation and only recently that Spain has improved their regional party activity it was a positive result for many of the areas.

Sweden piratpartiet in the eu elections

2.19% with 77.477 votes [source]

A large disappointment meaning that PPSE will lose it’s two MEP’s. There is local and national elections coming up in September for PPSE which means they have to re-focus and start campaigning soon again.

United Kingdom england is ppuk is pirate party united kingdom running for eu elections

0.06% with 8.597 votes [source]

PPUK only participated in one of the regions, making their result look very low even though PPUK are very pleased with their votes. They achieved 0.49% in the North-West Region.

Supporting independent candidates


Estonia pirate party estonia in eu elections

1.83% with 6.018 votes [source]

PPEE chose to support Silver Meikar (Independent) who worked closely with them. Estonian Pirates learnt a lot from their first time in elections.



Austria eu election ppau pirate austria

2.10% with 51.793 votes [source]

The Austrian Pirates were in a coalition with the Austrian Communist Party and Der Wandel. A coalition that upset some of the pirates in Austria when it was made.

Greece pirate party greece pirate party will compete for european elections

0.90% with  votes [source]

PPGR had a coalition with the Ecological Greens and where not close
to the 3% they needed. The above result is with 99.77% counted.


Poland partia piratow is pirates from poland who will take part of eu elections

0.11% with 6.671 votes [source]

The Polish coalition with Pirates, Direct Democracy Party and Libertarians did not manage to gather enough support. The above number only accounts for the 3/13 regions the Pirates participated in (6, 8 and 11), the coalition received some more votes if accounting for all regions.


Featured Image: CC-BY Wikimedia