American Pirate Candidates Reach up to 18%

American Pirate Candidates Reach up to 18%

In a country where the concept of proportional representation is all but unknown, Pirates have done very well. In most other countries the share of the votes gained would have meant seats in government. Obviously the issues raised by the Pirate Parties of Wisconsin and Massachusetts hit a cord with voters.

Joseph T Klein garnered 18% of the vote in District 19 in Wisconsin and in Massachusetts. One very pleased Pirate said;

Joe made a huge impact in the 19th Assembly District; for a first time candidate, nearly 20% of the vote is impressive.

Massachusetts candidate Joseph Guertin got 4% and Noelani Kamelamela managed to achieve 12%. Party Secretary, Lucia Fiero said:

“We are just getting started. This is year five. We are already strategizing for the next two years.”

There will be local elections next year (2015) and full term elections soon (2016).

Although the New Hampshire Pirate Party (NHPP) did not have any candidates this time, they were pleased to see the libertarian candidate Max Abramson elected since he shares many of the Pirate’s goals and policies

Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0 Massachusetts Pirate Party