Austria Invites International Pirates to their General Assembly

Austria Invites International Pirates to their General Assembly

Over the weekend  of 21-23 June 2013 the Austrian Pirate Party will be holding its General Assembly in the ancient and picturesque city of Sankt Pölten found in the State of Lower Austria (which is in the north east of the country). As the featured image shows, the State Parliament Building is in the form of a ship. A ship ready to be boarded by Pirates.

The Austrian Pirate Party are expecting over 100 Pirates from all corners of Austria and this is an especially important event for them as they prepare for elections in September. These upcoming elections will make the assembly busy and exciting.  They are hoping to see Pirates from other countries there as this will help by showing Austrian voters that the Pirate Movement is an international one.  While the proceedings will be held in German  a separate area will be set aside for international guests and English speaking Pirates will be able to guide the visitors through the proceedings.

Friday has been set aside for workshops,socializing and tours of the area. A special event, on Saturday evening will be an international discussion panel. The provisional topic will be “The Pirate Ba(y)by -Pirate Vision 2029 : What will the world be like, when someone born today, reaches maturity”.

Austria’s central position in the continent makes it an excellent place for Pirates to meet and network together especially as the European elections are looming on the horizon. Pirates in Europe will  need to develop ways of cooperating in 2014 and the Austrian elections would make a good start.

St. Pölten is a half hour train ride from Vienna. The specific venue is the Kulturhaus Spratzern, Eisenbahnerstr. 5, 3100 St.Pölten. For further details about their meeting see their wiki (German).

Here is a translation of the social program  (subject to change):

Friday 21 June 2013:


Saturday 22 June 2013

  • a discussion evening with international and local guests
  • a Pirate Party and the official  start of the election campaign

Sunday 23 June 2013

  • 17:00 Press conference

If you have questions you can contact PPAT at sekretariat-wien[at]


This article has been updated and further updates are possible as the date nears. For the most up-to-date information refer to the conference wiki

Featured Image:  Roberto Verzo