“Be a first” – Encourage Activists to do More

“Be a first” – Encourage Activists to do More

Being an activist means putting yourself out for public criticism. Being part of a group diffuses the criticism while also creating a positive bubble of people believing in the same ideas around you. Being a solo activist is possible but harder than if you are within a group.

One way of bridging this is by social connections. Finding like-minded people who will support your new endeavours. Building up a network to surround yourself with protection against the critic of your actions that might emerge. There is always critique against action and ideas that emerge. People see faults, improvements to be made or just pour their negativity on it from feelings of jealousy or inferiority.

When seeing a solo activist (or a group) doing something that you like, you have an important task. You need to surround them with encouragement and positivity to enable more similar activity in the future. It is often enough just to give a short message showing the person that they are not alone and that there is a whole lot of people supporting them. If you see an action or creation you like, then you need to “be a first”. The action/creation does not mean much until the first person comments on what you have done or follows you.

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Featured image: CC-BY-NC-SA, Randi Scott