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Belgian Pirate Party Election Results, 14 votes short

The Parti Pirate de Belgique is pleased with the result from the elections: 0.5% and 5.16% of the votes in the municipal elections. In the region of Ottignies-Louvain-le-Neuve they were 14 votes short of gaining a seat in the city council.

As we explained earlier the Belgian election system is strongly fragmented, carrying large differences between the french-speaking and dutch-speaking parts. This fragmentation took over in partaking of the parties as well as on their success in these regions. One of few parties participating in both shares was the Pirate Party, but we can see a clear division in results. The french-speaking areas (Wallonie and Brussels) brought a better result and reached a median of 2.41% whilst the dutch-speaking areas reached a median of 1.1%. The full list of results is available as well as a breakdown of numbers (for those our readers comprehensive in french and want to do some number-crunching).

The first elections PPBE has taken place in was 2010 where they scored 0.26% in the only region they candidated in. Latter elections, this past weekend, they were in nearly all provinces and in the city of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (population of 30,000) they gained 5.16% of the votes. During the entire night the official results declared that the Pirate Party won a seat in the city council. Many journalists called the main candidate, Lionel Dricot, for interviews. This prognosis of one seat gained changed in the last result of the night when the seat was declared lost by missing 14 votes. Lionel Dricot explains the results on his own blog and states:

“This should be a lesson for everyone who is not voting: every single vote counts.”

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