belgium and pirates in election

Belgium Pirates struggled entering elections

 The new and small parties in Belgium are upset. In a letter addressed to Paul Furlan, Minister of Local Government and City Policy, they complained about two procedural errors in organizing provincial and local elections that hamper the preparation thereof.


The first problem was that an application document for the provincial elections necessary to gather signatures did not yet exist. The other problem was that the official site of the ministry had two contradictory rules. On one page it was stated that people could only register as a candidate in the constituency where they were also resident. On another page it was clearly stated that it was not obligatory to be registered in the voting district concered. Meanwhile, this has been corrected with the help of the community and protesting pirates. The twitter hashtag : #hellopaul was used as a campaign to get these necessities fixed.


 By the way, did you know that Belgium has six different governments running their country?
The Federal government, the combined  Flanders and Dutch speaking government,  the Wallonian government, the French speaking government, the German speaking government and last but not least the capital Brussels government.
Anouk Neeteson

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Hi, I'm an active pirate since early 2012. I left politics in 1983 and the union 10 years later because I realised it was all a scam. I'm of the No future Generation. I call multi-versatile philosopher with experience as a docker, soldier, certified welder, qualified optician and coffeeshop-manager in Amsterdam, pre-retired now. I am an idealist at heart and a pragmatist in daily reality. I am active in the French Parti Pirate where I live now, and I am also active in the Dutch Piratenpartij (where I was born). Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) “Let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, do away with greed, with hate and intolerance.”