Brazil to Limit Internet Data. Pirate Party in Brazil Fights Back

The Pirate Party Brazil launched an online action campaign against a government initiative that aimed to limit the Internet data plan. Internet providers want to impose more restrictions in 2017 and thus they are lobbing against Internet freedom. They wish to restrict the unlimited data broadband franchises.

Which leads us to believe that this time really will implement the data franchise in broadband internet are the data from the Brazilian Television Association Subscription and ANATEL, showing a shift in TV subscribers pay in the second half of 2015 while in the same period the number of broadband internet subscribers remained stable. Contrary to the TV statistics pay, Netflix have shown rapid growth in the number of users doubling its subscriber base in the last year. A superficial analysis of this data leads us to believe that many users are canceling the pay TV to get the content from Netflix and other related services” – said Partido Pirata do Brasil.

Considering that the main objective of business is to increase profit, the TV signal transmission consumes a smaller portion of the band and the transmission of Internet signals demand more infrastructure and resource.


Why do marathon series if the franchise is not going to leave ?

Unfortunately ANATEL (National Telecommunication Agency) instead of protecting the people, they decided to support this reform saying that the people will benefit from it. Their analysis is wrong because it’s based on fallacious premise of quality assurance, which would make sense if there was a structure dedicated to bring Internet in people’s home.

Internet providers announced that they will implement the franchise, but also offer unlimited packages. That really means that the services will increase its price, offering the same service Brazilian have right now. ANATEL gave green lights to this last June, 2nd; so people started to convene demonstrations. The Ministry of Science and Technology contradict ANETEL, with the disclosure of a letter and suspending the approval for sale of packages and requested further discussion with a greater popular participation.


You haven’t enough money to pay HBO to see GoT? With the franchise will be worse.

Bearing in mind that ANATEL decrees can not override the law, Pirate Party Brazil decided to launch an online campaign to sign petitions. When a citizen sign it an email is sent to all federal Congress of Brazil’s deputies. The first 3 days of this campaign they collected almost three thousand signatures. The Internet Livre (Free Internet) campaign is open until October 16th (the Day of Science and Technology), when the signatures will be brought to the Commission of Science, Technology, Innovation, Communication and Information Technology (of the Brazilian Senate), and the Committee on Science and Technology, Communications and Information (in the Congress House).

So we need to mobilize to prevent the implementation of the franchise in the fixed Internet and take the mobilization to end the franchise in the mobile internet as well. We, Pirates, we believe that the Internet should be free and available to everyone. Embark on our deck in the struggle for #InternetLivre”, Partido Pirata do Brasil said in the campaign web site.


You want to watch football streaming? With the franchise, will not work!

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