Brazilian Pirate Party Published Intent of Registration

Brazilian Pirate Party Published Intent of Registration

On 2 September 2013, the Pirate Party of Brazil (PIRATAS) started their second phase of  the formalization process with the publication of the party’s statutes and program in the Federal Official Diary (DOU).

In the coming days, the party will start the civil registry in a notary’s office, fulfilling the requirement of the electoral law to start collecting roughly 500 000 valid signatures (about 0.5% of the voters in the last election) that are needed to become an official political party in Brazil.

The publication in the DOU totalled R$ 11 844.30 (U$ 5 000), an amount that was raised by an online crowdfunding campaign which collected  R$ 21 163.70 (U$ 8 900) donated by a total of 420 people. Following the desire for more transparency in politics, the complete list of donors and their respective values is available for viewing at the Pirate Party’s website. It is the first time a Brazilian party is built on the Internet and has obtained resources through collective financing.

The Brazilian Pirate Party was founded in July 2012 in the city of Recife, where about 120 pirates gathered for two days at their first convention, which ratified the five year collaborative construction and formalized official documents, such as the party statute, program and guidelines.

Featured image is CC BY-NC-SA Giselle Varga.