Breakthrough for Czech Pirates

Breakthrough for Czech Pirates

In the national elections this past weekend the Czech Pirates (PPCZ) achieved great success and ended up as the third largest party in their parliament.

The Czech Republic is a country of 10 million people in the heart of Europe and they are also members of the European Union. Being the second Pirate Party, after Iceland, to get a seat in a national assembly is a very important step forward for the global Pirate movement.

They got 10,76% (+8.13%) of the votes, surpassing their own goal of 10%. From 0 seats in the national parliament they now have 22 persons elected. Ivan Bartos, the top candidate for PPCZ, became the second most popular politician.

The results of the Czech Pirates were especially good in the countries capital. In certain city districts they became the largest party with results of up to 18% of the votes.

The Czech Pirates have at this time declined to enter into coalition talks with the overall winners (ANO 2011) and expect to become the leaders of the opposition.

Featured image: CC0, Koen De Voegt