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British Pirates in UK Elections this Thursday

On Thursday, 7 May 2015, the Pirate Party of the United Kingdom will be asking voters in six electorates to give them their vote.

The antiquated voting system, that is still used in the insular nation, is known as first past the post. That means that there are only candidates in geographic electorates and these are elected by a majority of the votes. There is no proportional representation, no lists and no voice for those whose preferred candidates are not elected. And worst of all: no chance to vote Pirate when there are no Pirates contesting the vote in your constituency.

To make matters worse this is a very tight election and the major parties, desperate for every vote they can glean, will accuse those who wish to vote for minor Parties of “wasting their votes”. However the UK Pirates have been working very hard and used the means available to them for spreading their messages. They have produced some excellent posters, t-shirts and other campaign material and have used non-mainstream media like AnonUKadio  to good effect. Also the fact that PPIS are riding high in the polls is being noticed by the broadsheet British press is an added bonus.

A special feature is that the Pirates will be standing on the country’s first crowd sourced manifesto.

They are starting a hashtag campaign:

#‎whypirate‬ hashtag starts at 10:00 am UK time 9:00 UTC on 5 May

If you support a Pirate Party, tell people why, using the #whypirate hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

There are six electorates in England and Wales where Pirate candidates are standing:

  • Manchester Central – Loz Kaye
  • Salford and Eccles – Sam Clark
  • Vauxhall – Mark Chapman
  • Sheffield Central – Andy Halsall
  • Bridgend (Wales) – David Elston
  • Manchester Gorton – Cris Chesha

Even if they do not get a seat in Britain’s parliament the Pirates will have got the Pirate message out to a large number of citizens in one of the leading Five Eyes spying consortium nations.

The Pirate Times will bring you the results as soon as we can.


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