Call for Action: Support PPUA

Call for Action: Support PPUA

Edit: 16/2/14 The deadline has been extended so keep sending videos to the new e-mail added below!

The Vice President of the Polish Pirate Party, Zbigniew Łukasiak, recently held an interview with members of the Pirate Party of Ukraine (PPUA). Among other things he wanted to know how other Pirate Parties could support PPUA. Their answer was prompt and straightforward:

“We all need to feel support from the outside world. Many think that Europe won’t do anything to help us. It would be great to have video message, for example, which could be shown on Maidan’s main screen and by our independent media”.


Zbigniew, together with other Polish Pirates, went ahead and created a short video clip  with a simple message:

“Take care and keep going!
Do not let them beat you, do not let them
provoke you, do not be drawn into a spiral of violence that leads to nowhere.
Defend democracy, defend the Pirate Codex.”

He also posted the message, together with a call for action, on the international mailinglist.

When I read this I remembered what Bruno Kramm did for the Europe Day 2013: he crowd-sourced short messages from Pirates from across Europe and created a video clip from these messages . Take action!

This is where you enter the game: I want you to record a short message and send it to Bruno at

You can use the wording suggested above by Zbigniew or choose your own words. But, for reasons of consistency, please end your message with: “We support Ukrainian democracy!”. It is also important that we know what you are saying because we would like to add Ukrainian subtitles.

The deadline for submissions will be Friday night (31 January 2014) EST. So: get your mobile phone or any other camera and show your support for your fellow Pirates in the Ukraine, fighting for freedom and democracy on #Euromaidan!

Guest Author : Florian Wagner









He studied Public Administration and European Studies at the
Universities of Muenster, Germany, and Twente, the Netherlands. Now
turned working in IT.
Having joined the Pirate Party of Germany in 2011, he is currently doing
some coordination work for the working group on Europe (AG Europa) and
helping out in the IT-support.


Images: CC-BY Alexandra Gnatoush and Florian Wagner