Call for Action to Help European Pirate Party Form

Call for Action to Help European Pirate Party Form

The European Parliament will be voting on a crucial dossier which details the conditions under which a European Political party may be registered and receive funding. Some amendments have been tabled, but the draft report risks ending up benefiting the mostly old, monolithic and not-very-united-across-borders political parties. To help, you can send an e-mail to one (or several) of the Members of European Parliament (MEP)  found at

Below is an example letter written by MEP Amelia Andersdotter.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please give European citizens the chance to register REAL PARTIES, carried by REAL CITIZENS instead of blocking competition from new parties, as the present legislative proposal does. As Member of the European Parliament, it will soon be in your hands to decide about the proposed Regulation for European political parties and foundations (COM (2012)499, aka “Giannakou-report”).

With the existing proposals by the Commission and the rapporteur, real European parties – like the Pirate party – would be barred from registering as a European party! On the other hand, the proposal allows any 7 politicians – if they are members of the EP, national or regional parliaments and are from different Member States – to register as a “European party”. If one of them is an MEP, they would be even eligible to receive funds – an opportunity already used vigorously by right wing extremist formations and politicians!

Please help this regulation to become one that really serves European citizens by allowing a vivid and diverse political landscape to flourish – instead of just safeguarding the interest of existing groups in the EP! Don’t feed the euro-sceptics with campaign ammunition!

Therefore, please SUPPORT the Amendments 89, 93 and 248 that would make it possible for parties that are legally established in at least seven Member States to register a European political party – and that would ensure that only those registered parties would receive EU funding that have won a minimum level of electoral support in recent elections!

VOTE FOR AMs 89, 93 and 248! Please also VOTE AGAINST Amendments 28 and 29 tabled by the rapporteur that would change the distribution key for the founding for the benefit of only the 3 largest groups! There is not a single valid reason to support such a redistribution, apart from abusing the majority in the EP for those groups own benefit. This is certainly also not something European voters would honour next year!

Thanks a lot,
<your name and geographical constituency>

Any questions about the voting can be sent to Amelia’s office 

Campaigns are always more efficient in the politicians mother-tongue. You can help the translation task force by translating the above letter to different languages at

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