Copyright campaign against LEGO

Copyright campaign against LEGO

As a result of an election spot used by the Czech Pirate Party the party found themselves confronted with a preliminary injunction to take this spot down. While they are waiting for the court ruling they started a campaign against LEGO.

It all started with the Czech Pirate Party using LEGO figures in a election spot. As an answer to that the Party received a take down notice on 29th of August 2012 based on alleged LEGO copyright and trademark infringement. The board decided then that they won’t comply with the request because they saw no legal reason to do so. On the 5th of October a preliminary injunction was filed in the name of LEGO at the Municipal Court in Prague. Just three days before the election, on the 9th of October, the court issued this preliminary injunction. So hours after the end of the elections the board ordered the removal of the video from all official party media, but of course the video was back online through unofficial sources.

In the meanwhile the Czech Pirate Party started a campaign against LEGO. In this campaign the Czech Pirates want everybody out there to make pictures with pirate flags, logo, etc. in front of LEGO stores and make pictures of that. These pictures should then be sent to the Czech Pirates with the GPS coordinates so that they could be published on a map. As the chairman Ivan Bartos said:

“That is exactly the kind of action, against which pirates are fighting. We do not like limiting artistic creation or restrictions on human freedoms under the guise of copyright protection, or under a similar pretext of protecting the reputation of a legal person. The clip with LEGO figures was created by our fan as his artistic work. Is it really true, that an artist may not use a figure for his own story, until it is approved in the instructions of the LEGO marketing department?”

Featured image: CC BY-NC-SA liquidx