Creating an Active Pirate Party / Organization

Creating an Active Pirate Party / Organization

This post talks about the Pirate Party but can easily be generalized into being about any type of organization.

First of all it is important twisting your own perceptive to see yourself from a different stand-point. One example is how most people see the Pirate Party as a ‘modern version of politics’ instead of the twisted perception that the Pirate Party is ‘the least modern political party’. The right to a private life is a few hundred years old, whilst the base of many other political parties was invented from Rosseu or another modern philosopher. Take a step away and look at yourself from a new light.

To get changes you need activists to do something. When thinking about “who your activists are” it is important to not exclude anyone. Instead of exclusion, you need to use the biggest possible definition you can of an activist (e.g. anyone who has ever done something for your cause). If need be, you can then split them into ‘active activists’ (who do things more regularly) and ‘slacktivists’ (who are present sometimes). If you exclude someone by not counting them in, it is very unlikely that they will get active in your cause again.

An activist is created from negative issues and the need to correct those; paradoxically, it is positive topics that will drive the voters to support you. Thus, we have a need to transform this negative mindset into a positive vision for the future. Failing to do this will create an environment full of negativity and criticism against the current system that won’t attract many votes. Such an environment is detrimental to work within and will grind to a halt if not adjusted to become more visionary and positive.

An activist needs to talk, talk and then talk some more. Connect them with other people and give them easy tasks to start with. When they ask for more tasks give them more tasks to do. People in general want to do things but have few resources. Give them possibilities and promote a do-acracy environment. Encourage the people that do good things.

Leadership needs to coordinate by creating joint cooperation projects for activists. They have an important roll in the delegation of tasks and motivation of their activists. They also need to make sure the resources needed are there by asking “do you need help with something?”.

As an activist you will eventually have to deal with disappointments. Thus it is important to dedicate yourself to at least two organizations or activities. When one of them goes to hell, focus on the other one. Doing this will enable you to keep spending your energy for good use and will also enable a possibility of going back to the first activity when some time has passed after your disappointment.

Featured image: CC-BY-SA, San José Library