Creative Commons – Sharing is Caring

Creative Commons – Sharing is Caring

The Pirate Times takes care to ensure that all media that is sourced from outside our own group have a (CC) Creative Commons  license. In the same spirit all our work is published under the licenses – attribution and share alike.

Unfortunately and embarrassingly many Pirates and even Pirate Parties post content to the web or in print with “all rights reserved”. This is especially embarrassing when the subjects of the media in question are Pirate Party related. It also opens us up to the charge of hypocrisy, to some extent, when it is being done by a Pirate Party or Pirate affiliated organisation. It also opens us up to attacks by trolls who want to damage the party. The problem mainly arises because the default is “all rights reserved” be it on your own blog, web page or social media. Assigning a CC license means you are changing this to “some rights reserved” and you get to control which rights are kept.

Now other Pirates and non Pirates (remember “sharing is caring”) can use your content without having to contact you to get your explicit permission. Uploading your content to CC friendly sites like  and wikimedia  means Pirates and others can search for and use your content. When you upload images or videos to Facebook or any other social media site then adding a CC license in the description helps the sharing to spread. On you blog or web site you can ensure that there is a easily seen notice that informs your viewers that your content is CC licensed. We use:

CC-BY 2013 Pirate Times, please link back to us if using our content.

If you are using CC content from someone else, and we hope you are, then do the right thing and attribute it to them, with a link if possible. If they ask to “share alike” then also use the license they used.

If you are not familiar with the CC codes here is a short overview but do go to the Creative Commons site for a full explanation in English and most major languages.

BY – Attribution: you must give credit to the creator
SA – Share Alike: you must pass the license conditions to the next user.
NC – Non Commercial: the work may not be used for commercial purposes
ND – No Derivatives: the work may not be changed in any way – This is not helpful for other Pirates, who might want to simply change or translate a text for example and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Featured image: by Enokson   CC BY-NC-SA