Czech Pirate Party Election Results

Czech Pirate Party Election Results

The Czech Pirate Party had a successful regional election with an average of 2.19% in the different regions. The first part of the senator elections also took place where one Pirate candidate advanced to the second round.

With a total vote count of 57 000 for PPCZ they did not manage to get elected in the regional elections but it is a good sign for the future. Compared to the last election they managed to increase their votes with 275%. In the different regions they scored between 1.41% and 3.03%.

“The growing popularity of the Pirate Party points to the fact that other parties do not solve the problems that concern citizens. In addition, people simply do not believe in well-established political parties. Pirates, in the past, have shown that they listen to their constituents” -PPCZ President Ivan Bartos (translation from Czech)

During Friday and Saturday the first round of senator elections also took place. The pirates had two candidates (3% and 4%) and shared a third candidate with two other political parties (Greens and Christian Democrats). This third candidate is Libor Michalek, who scored 24.31% and won the first round over the other candidates. The next round will be a face off against a Social Democrat who got 17.82% of the votes.

The Czech Pirates are worried about the low turn-out of young people and are rethinking their strategy for the 2014 elections. In the mock school elections, that took place a month ago, they managed to get 21% of the votes and win the elections that took place throughout 170 schools. Another worrying factor is that the current government seems to be suppressing the visibility of PPCZ by not displaying them on charts and removing the school election results from the website an hour after publishing it.

Featured image: CC BY-SA 2.0 Pirátská strana