Czech Pirates Celebrate their First Pirate Mayor

Czech Pirates Celebrate their First Pirate Mayor

If we look at Pirate history we see that the Czech pirates already have a Senator but now history is being made again. The first Pirate mayor in the history of the Czech Republic has been elected in the spa town of Mariánské Lázně (also known as Marienbad). Vojtěch Franta, a 29 year old architect was elected mayor by 15 of the 19 legislators present. The Pirates won 21% of the vote and gained five seats.

The Pirate members of the Marienbad town council with a PPCZ flag

Copyleft PPCZ


Franta wants to make Mariánské Lázně more visionary since he believes their politic has been a bit too shortsighted in the past. The plan is to improve the image of Marianske Lazne: 

“We want to focus on the younger Czech clients, we want to rejuvenate Mariánské Lázně”, said Franta.

 To achieve this, we will discuss with representatives of the tourism industry. They also want to attract new business activities, promote the development of congress tourism and promote spa culture (the city’s main attraction is their spa industry but they have difficulties keeping the youth from moving away to larger cities).

This event has bought the Czech Pirate Party plenty of publicity. It will be interesting to see how the country reacts to a town run on Pirate principles. Moves to make the running of the town more transparent, including the accounts, and to seek the views of the citizens on how it should be governed will be of interest to other municipalities and the country as a whole.


Featured image: CC BY-SA Pirátská strana