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Czech Pirates Prepare for National Elections

The Czech Pirate Party is getting ready for both regional and national elections this weekend, with pre-election polls ranging around 2 %.

Česká pirátská strana (“Czech Pirate Party”) was formed in June 2009 by the euro-wide success of the movement and participated in its first election the following year, receiving 0.8 % of the votes.

Apart from traditional pirate topics such as copyright reform, a right to privacy and the freedom of information, the party also focuses on more unique topics. Much like the German Piratenpartei, they advocate direct democracy and liberation of drug regulations. They also push government transparency and organisation topics, in regulating political parties as well as in education reform.

CC BY SA Czech Pirate Party.

Czech pirates in October, 2012.
CC BY SA Czech Pirate Party.

The pre-election polls look positive, with results at around 2 % and one as high as 4 %. By all accounts, the results will beat those of the 2010 national elections, but they may not be the 5 % needed to enter senate.

Meanwhile, Czech pirate news site Pirátske Noviny calls the methodology of the surveys into question, pointing out the vast difference in results from different surveys taken at approximately the same time. While most surveys show the Pirate Party receiving 2 – 4 % of the votes, another one only shows a 1 % result. The same goes for other parties, with some receiving higher results in some surveys.

Nevertheless, the results clearly show that the party is gaining ground as a grass-root movement in the Czech Republic, without a big budget and without influential supporters.

Featured image by Mimi and Eunice, free of copyright.

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