Czech Pirates Treble Vote and Gain Significant Funding in 2013 Elections

Czech Pirates Treble Vote and Gain Significant Funding in 2013 Elections

The Czech Pirate Party is thanking voters who helped them to treble their vote from 42,323 votes, since the last elections in 2010, to 132,417 votes (2.66% of the total vote). They managed this on a budget of 250,00 Czech Koruna ( 9,700 Euro). Now the Pirates  will  get 13,241,700 CZK  ( 514,000 Euro)  from the state. With this support they will be able to continue to fight against copyright monopolies and surveillance and work towards direct democracy in the country.

They got more votes than the party connected to President Zeman and ex president Klaus and it is clear that voters are looking for alternatives. The Pirates stood the test despite being ignored by the media to the point of censorship. It also indicates that people are looking to other medial outlets to inform themselves. The press seems to have discovered PPCZ Pirates with Pirate Flagthe Pirates after the elections:

“Quite a big surprise is the Pirate Party. No one anticipated that it would have gained more than one precent in Prague. The result is nearly four percent. ” (The Prague Journal)

In an interview with Vice President Nicholas FERJENČÍK he told the;

“Beginning today, we are anchored in the Czech political system!”

The Pirates do not intend to rest on their laurels but will work harder to gain the trust of the people and further issues like freedom of information and the protection of privacy in the coming months.




This article is based on a press release by PPCZ

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