Czech Pirates Win EU elections for School Students

Czech Pirates Win EU elections for School Students

Mock EU elections took place for students (over 15 years) in 254 secondary schools and colleges in Czech republic. In the elections the Pirates came out in first place with 19.19% of the votes.

In total more than 25.000 students older than 15 years laid their votes in the EU trial election. The election was enacted to mimic the real ones with ballot papers, screens and urns. The school election was arranged in 254 secondary schools and colleges over the country. The purpose of the student trial election is to increase young people’s interest in politics and, in the future, increase the number of first-time voters.

pirates in czech republic win student school college elections for eu election

“Political parties should not ignore the results of student elections , but rather take it as a challenge […] They should deal with topics that are of direct concern for young people and that clearly represent their electoral program , to address the policy which attracts the youngest generation of interest and trust” -project director Karel Strachota

Before the last regional elections in Czech Republic there was also school trial elections preceding the real ones in 170 schools. That time, in September 2012, the Pirates also won but with 21% of the votes. Many of those students that voted for the Czech Pirate Party almost two years ago have reached voting age and are allowed to participate in these EU elections for the first time. Most of the students seem to be encouraged by the mock elections and determined to vote in the real ones as well:

“These elections are so important. Rather, the normal choices are important. I think that each person should express his opinion. Although, one vote will not change anything, so you need to go” – Václav Prachař (student)

Featured image: CC-BY-SA, Pirátská strana