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Dutch Election Today! First National Seat For the Pirates?

In one hour we should know the preliminary results from the Dutch elections and how Piratenpartij (PPNL) did. For live coverage you can take a look at one of the two following people covering it Justus Römeth and Andrew Norton. Some selected excerpts from the reporting by Justus Römeth (part of Pirate Times reporters) can be seen below.

(Piratenpartij) have a very realistic chance of making it into the “Tweede kamer” (national parliament), the second chamber of the Dutch parliament, today. Doing so would mean they are the first pirate party represented in a national parlament, which would be HUGE: We would have Pirates in Local (AT, CAT/ES, CH, CZ, DE), Regional (DE), National (NL) and International (SE) parlaments! (link)

Piratenpartij’s Programme

Let us start with Piratenpartij’s programme. The Dutch Pirate Party Program is also available in audio book format.

Programma Piratenpartij English

The Piratenpartij reached a good result in the student mock-up elections. PPNL reached 9.53%, making it the 5th biggest party among high school students. They were also hailed as the winners of a debate among non-respresented parties last night, both within the debate and on the discussion on twitter.

On Facebook they also released a press statement together with Femen Holland, denouncing CU’s (a conservative Christian party) critique against some action taken by Femen, and were subsequently endorsed by Femen.

All in all it seems that the support they get is growing and starting to reach further than just Dutch netizens. (link)

As soon as the election results come in we will come back with another report! Meanwhile another reminder to follow the live-reporting linked in the beginning of this post.

Justus Römeth

About Justus Römeth

I am a pirate from Hanover, Germany, interested in international networking. I think that Pirate Times is one important step to be able to better spread information on the Pirate Parties around internationally, and I hope I can contribute to that as an author and by trying to connect people interested in these topics. I will also manage the Facebook account together with Andrew. As far as my background is concerned, I have lived in Athol, MA, for half a year during high school, did my BA at the universities of Amsterdam and Prague, and am finishing my MA degree in Euroculture at the universities of Cracow and Göttingen. I am also active with the Young Pirates of Hanover, Pirates without Borders, and the Europa Pirate Thinktank Hanover. I have been a member of Pirate Party Germany since 2009.