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Elections in Austria: 0.8% in Their First National Election

Last Sunday national elections were held in Austria. The Pirates managed to get 36 265 votes placing them at 0.8% of  the total votes. This seems to be a fairly normal result for a Pirate Party in their first national elections.

The Pirates received an even spread of votes throughout the states of Austria. Reaching 0.7-0.8% in all states with the exceptions of Vienna (1.0%) and Burgenland (0.5%). To receive financial help from the state for the next election, the Pirates would have needed 1%. With their result of 0.8% they were close to this target.

74.9% of voters participated in the elections. A decrease of 3.9% since the elections in 2008 which might be a sign of apathy towards politics in Austria.

Source: http://wahl13.bmi.gv.at/
Featured image: CC-BY-SA, Pirate Party Austria


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