Piotrowice Nyskie in wrazclow poland

Enjoy a Pirate Summer Vacation in Poland

The Pirate Parties International is arranging a pirate summer in Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland. If you would like to spend your vacation with other Pirates on 31 July  – 9 August 2015 in a beautiful location you have an excellent opportunity. The vacation will take place in an old palace from the sixteenth century that is currently being restored, with ample grounds around it to enjoy.
The place is great for families but even if you are single it will be a great event to network and get to know some other Pirates better. There is no specific agenda for the vacation, each visitor is encouraged to contribute with some content of their own (workshops, lectures, games, hikes, etc.) Prices range from 18 – 35 Euro per day (including meals).
Full details and how to attend can be found on the PPI website.
Featured image: Screenshot from Piotrowice-Nyskie fanpage
Josef Ohlsson Collentine

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