Estonian Local Election Results – Good First Showing

Estonian Local Election Results – Good First Showing

The Estonian Pirate did not achieve stunning results in the local elections but for a first appearance on the political scene they have done well having adopted a tactic that may be useful for other Pirate Parties. They joined coalitions with other parties with similar policies.

Pirate Vote by location:

Tallinn City Centre 0.1%

Mustamäe in the north of Tallinn 0.1%

Tartu 0.5%

Viljandi 1.3%

Protest candidate Andres Laiapea in Viljandi got quite a few votes

Märt Põder and Raul Kübarsepp were close  to getting in under election coalition Vabakund and they could be replacement candidates should any others resign:

This is not the first time that Pirates have joined forces with other parties but it reinforces the fact that Pirates, who have a small footprint on the political scene, can gain experience and influence by allying themselves with allied movements.