Pirate Parties and Their Progress With the European Elections

As the European Elections draw closer the European Pirates are campaigning hard to enter the European Parliament. 15/28 EU member states have Pirate Parties running for the European elections in 2014. If you know of a link to a blog, social media page or bio of a candidate we have not found please use contact @ piratetimes.net to let us know or just comment below.

eu elections and pirate parties for ep elections 2014

Pirate Parties running for EU elections. Source files

Clickable map with election campaign pages.

Clickable map with election campaign pages.

We will update this page regularly. Our latest changes:
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10/5 – Added poll for Greece at  2% (coalition with Οικολόγοι Πράσινοι)
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19/5 – Added poll for Czech rep. at 4.3%
24/5 – Added poll for Germany at 2% and Greece at 2.2%


 Election Dates

May 22nd Netherlands | United Kingdom
May 23rd Czech Republic (1st day)
May 24th France (oversea territories) | Czech Republic (2nd day)
May 25th Austria | Croatia | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Luxembourg | Poland | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden

 List of Pirate Parties and their candidates for the EU elections

eu election ppau pirate austria


In Austria they are competing for 18 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPAT is in alliance with two other parties: The Austrian Communist Party and Der Wandel. The alliance is called “Europa Anders” and also includes some independents in their lists. Austria has a threshold of 4% and the first pirate is on 4th place on their list.

3% (9/5)
3% (1/5)
2% (27/4)
2% (10/4)
1% (27/3)
1% (7/3)

10. Philip Pacanda (PP)
13. Sebastian Reinfeldt (PP – independent)
16. Irene Labner (PP)
19. Nora Walchshofer (PP)
25. Berhard Hayden (PP)
28. Harald Bauer (PP)
31. Thomas Lindmayer (PP – independent)
34. Gerhard Hager (Pirates)

pphr pirate party croatia is running for eu elections


In Croatia they are competing for 11 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPHR got 1.13% when they ran for the last extra-ordinary EU elections. There is a 5% threshold in Croatia.

1. Miroslav Ambruš-kiš
2. Dario Vidović
3. Martina Grabovac
4. Sonja Balaško
5. Goran Kauzlarić
6. Petar Augustin Vrdoljak
7. Slaven Kadečka
8. Marko Doko
9. Josip Šaban
10. Dražen Žulj
11. Ivor Goreta


pirate party czech republic are running for eu election

Czech Republic

In Czech Republic they are competing for 21 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPCZ achieved 2.66% last year in the national elections and received a significant funding for future elections. They need to reach 5% threshold.

4.3% (16/5)
1.8% votes + 2.2% maybe votes  (6/5)
Wins student EU elections with 19.19% (29/4)
3.2% (17/4)

The PPCZ pirates and their place on the list (missing numbers are candidates from other parties on list)
1. Ivan Bartoš – 33, System architect, Praha
2. Marcel Kolaja – 33, an expert in free software and free culture, Brno
3. Markéta Gregorová – 21, student in international relations and European studies, Most
4. Vojtěch Pikal – 27, software developer, Olomouc
6. Mikuláš Peksa – 27, a graduate student of physics, Praha / Leipzig
7. Filip Krška – 37, Free software maintenance engineer, Třebíč
8. Michael Polák – 40, A developer of free software / Internet service provider, Praha – Břevnov
9. Mikuláš Ferjenčík – 27, anti-corruption activist, Pardubice
10. Victor, Mahrik – 32, National Research Manager for Internet traffic, Praha
11. Mária Vašíčková – 49, EFT therapist / personal development coach, Čejkovice u Hodonína
12. Zdeněk Štěpánek – 31, IT Expert, Varnsdorf
13. Roman Kučera – 50, service engineer / coder, Praha
15. Adam Skořepa – 22, writer, Praha
16. Petr Kopečný – 30, Automation engineer, Ostrava
17. Jana Rohová – 27, social worker, Katovice
18. Jiří Demel – 57, Freelancer, Příbor
19. Radek Simkanič – 24, student programmer, Pustějov
21.  Petr Třešňák – 31, Engineer, Mariánské Lázně
22. Stanislav Štipl –  25, programmer and student of computer science, Hradec Králové
25. Tomáš Weidisch – 20, Engineer, Žatec
26. Aleš Sůra – 37, application engineer, Praha
27. Sebastian Holovský – 30, student of psychology / therapist, Praha

pirate party estonia in eu elections


In Estonia they are competing for 6 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPEE are campaigning for an independent candidate who supports the pirate program and has agreed to include a pirate advisor as a member of his staff if he is elected.

Silver Meikar (PP/independent)


pirate party finland in eu elections


In Finland they are competing for 13 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPFI achieved 0.5% of votes in the last parliamentary elections in 2011. One of their list candidates, Peter Sunde, has been nominated for Commision Presidency by the European Pirates. There is no threshold for a seat.
Pekka Mustonen
Saara Siintola

Partipirat -  the Pirate Party of France is taking part in the EU electiosn


In France they are competing for 74 MEP seats in the European Parliament through a regional constituency system, rather than a national list. The French Pirates are competing in 6 regions constituting 56 of the 74 seats. PPFR achieved 0.85% in the national elections in France 2012. There is a 5% threshold in each constituency for getting a seat.

North West http://www.pirates-nordouest.eu/
1. Didier Urschitz
2. Dominique Deslandes
3. Jeferson Staelens
4. Snjezana Jovanovic
5. Yannick Hourdiau
6. Eve Le Bihan
7. Clément Lesaege
8. Dominique Hénichart
9. Jean-Christophe Finidori
10. Sabine Leroy
11. Clément Andrzejewski
12. Axelle Ziegler
13. Eric Billes Lagarde
14. Adélie Vanneste
15. Clément Dejean
16. Stéphanie Cremaux
17. Julien Domé
18. Marion Millet
19. Franck Lemaire
20. Laurence Leman

South West  http://www.so-pirate.eu/blog/
1. Eric Mahuet
2. Corine Gireau
3. Jean Mach
4. Nathalie Rosenberg
5. Michel Amorosa
6. Laure Polka
7. Julien Paquit
8. Marion Maltor
9. Johan Baylac
10. Noémie Phillipson
11. Raphaël Isla
12. Deborah Echebarria
13. Philippe Mattei
14. Nina Gimenez
15. David-Allan Roberton
16. Aurette Wolsztynski
17. Wolfgang Mahle
18. Catherine Maylié
19. Emmanuel Bernat
20. Morgane Govoreanu

South East http://partipirate.se/
1. Valérie Dagrain
2. Jérôme Leignadier-Paradon
3. Carole Boubli
4. Xavier Adam
5. Justine Bouvais
6. Stéphane Chaussat
7. Adeline Bartoletti
8. Jean-Jacques Vincent
9. Amandine Clutier
10. Théo Rousseau
11. Garlonn Nizon
12. Maxime Walzberg
13. Isabelle Negrell
14. Hervé Lefebvre
15. Muriel Frésia
16. Boris Alcaraz
17. Anne-emmanuelle Arnoux-Plumel
18. Panagiotis Gergos
19. Bettina Plotin-Tinelli
20. Jean-Cyril Vadi
21. Adrienne Vermorel
22. Thomas Watanabe-Vermorel
23. Agnès Gelas
24. François Vermorel
25. Tié Watanabe
26. Jean-baptiste Mangiaracina

Center list
1. Paul Berettoni
2. Aurélie Blary
3. Jérôme Micucci
4. Morgan Verdeil
5. David Petit
6. Audrey Takvorian
7. Alexis Kraland
8. Gabrielle Weisenberger
9. Anouk Neeteson
10. Aurélie Torre

Ile-de-France http://www.europirates.org/
1. Véronique Vermorel
2. Pascal Ramonet
3. Stéphanie Geisler
4. Ronan Le Roy
5. Isabelle Kallert
6. Ilan Dubois
7. Jennifer Aguiar
8. Romain David
9. Sophie Le Pallec
10. Olivier Soares Barbosa
11. Hélène Testud
12. Christophe Cussigh-Denis
13. Dina Randriamarolahy
14. Jean-Sylvain Boige
15. Mathilde Cameirao
16. Cyprien Bisot
17. Caroline Plourin
18. Pascal Ajar
19. Jenny Levesque
20. Maxime Zeiler
21. Nadia Sedki
22. Mathieu Chambefort
23. Virginie Chapron
24. Pierre-Yves Ducout
25. Manon Jouvenet
26. Stéphane Uyttersprot
27. Saadia Messaoudia
28. Julien Vasquez
29. Cécile Cousse
30. Gerome Bouda

Overseas departments and territories list
1. Marie France Gallet (Atlantic)
2. Pierre Magnin (Indian Ocean)
3. Guilaine Sabine (Atlantic)
4. Pierre Yves Fonteix (Pacific)
5. Corinne Flavin (Pacific)
6. Roland Françoise (Atlantic)
7. Stephanie Laurente (Indian Ocean)
8. Gilles Degras (Indian Ocean)
9. Colette Alvarez (Pacific)

ppde piratenpartei will be in eu elections


In Germany they are competing for 96 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPDE have a high chance of entering the EU parliament since the EU threshold was removed by their courts recently. Wahlrecht.de did the math with the set-up of around 30 parties up for election and came up with 0.45% as the lowest result to be able to get a seat and that with 0.61% a seat is guaranteed. In 2009 Piratenpartei achieved 0.87%.

2% (13/5)

pirate party greece pirate party will compete for european elections


In Greece they are competing for 21 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPGR will run in coalition with Ecological Greens (Οικολόγοι Πράσινοι) to reach the 3% threshold (~170.000 votes) they need to enter the EU parliament. PPGR has a pirate unionist elected in Athens.
http://elections.pirateparty.gr/ & candidate descriptions

2.2% (23/5)
2% (15/5)
2% (12/5)
2% (8/5)

1. Athanasia Diamantopoulou (Διαμαντοπούλου Αθανασία)
2. Efstratios Zolotas (Ζολώτας Ευστράτιος)
3. Dimitrios Zoupis (Ζούπης Δημήτριος)
4. Efstathios Leivaditis (Λειβαδίτης Ευστάθιος)
5. Pinelopi Petropoulou (Πετροπούλου Πηνελόπη)
6. Spyridon Chrysanthopoulos (Χρυσανθόπουλος Σπυρίδων)
7. Emmanouil Kastrinakis (Καστρινάκης Εμμανουήλ)
8. Basilios Laskaris (Λάσκαρης Βασίλειος)
9. Christina Sereti (Σερέτη Χριστίνα)

pirate party luxembourg piratepartei will compete for european elections


In Luxembourg they are competing for 6 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPLU reached 2.93% in their last national elections that took place last fall. They are unlikely too enter the EU parliament but if they receive enough votes they will get some extra funding for building up their party.
Sven Clement – 25, Business Engineer
Ben Allard – 25, IT Student
Marc Goergen – 29, Self Employed
Camille Liesch – 66, Pensioner
Andy Maar – 30, Computer Scientist
Michèle Stiefer – 22, Student

piratenpartij is netherlands holland and will have pirate candidates for eu elections


In the Netherlands they are competing for 26 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPNL just had their first election success in the end of March and might have a chance to build upon this. There is no threshold so theoretically slightly less than 4% could give them a seat.

Second in student EU elections with 14.5% (21/5)

partia piratow is pirates from poland who will take part of eu elections


In Poland they are competing for 51 MEP seats in the European Parliament through a regional constituency system instead of a national one. PPPL are participating in a coalition with Direct Democracy Party and Libertarians. The Polish Pirates are competing in  4 of these districts = 16 out of the 51 possible seats. There is a 5% national threshold for getting a seat with ratio balancing between the regions.

Tomasz Michał Słowiński (District 6 – łódzkie)
Piotr Roszatycki (District 6 – łódzkie)
Michał Dydycz (District 6 – łódzkie)
Paulina Kolbusz (District 6 – łódzkie)
Michał Grzegorz Wójcik (District 8 – lubelskie)
Tomasz Andrzej Moroń (District 11 – śląskie)


 pirate party slovenia will run for eu election


In Slovenia they are competing for 8 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPSI might benefit from the current lack of confidence surrounding some corrupt politicians in Slovenia. Their goverment also recently fell apart which will cause national/local re-elections sometime after the EU elections. A very unstable time for established parties might favor PPSI. There is no threshold but normally they need ~6% to get in.

4.7% (12/5)
2% (9/5)

Benjamin Rolando Vaz Ferreira


ppes is not but spanish pirates are in eu elections


In Spain they are competing for 54 MEP seats in the European Parliament. Confederacion Pirata is a fairly new organization to improve the cooperation between the local pirate parties in Spain. There is no threshold in Spain.

11. Jose Carlos Couto Gonzalez
18. María Dolores Peris Perrino
21. Jose Andrés Diz Alonso
25. Ana Couto Pereiro
30. Carmen Garcia Rodriguez
39. Maria Esperanza Cilla Ortega
40. Ana Fuentes Jambrina
42. Joan Carles Hinojosa Galisteo
43. Gonzalo Heredia Borreguero
45. Adriana Campos Diz
46. Juan Estaban*
47. Jordi Villanueva Piquer
48. Jose Manuel Hidalgo López
50. Inmaculada Roldan Vieira
*Pseudonym used because of privacy issues

piratpartiet in the eu elections


In Sweden they are competing for 20 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPSE achieved 7.1% in the last European Election in 2009 resulting in 2 pirate MEP’s that did a lot of work in the parliament. There is a 4% threshold in Sweden.

3.9% (16/5)
1.4% (12/5)
1.3% (12/5)
3.1% (5/5 .pdf)
2.7% (17/4)
1.3% (11/2)

1. Christian Engström – 53, EU-parlamentarian, Nacka
2. Amelia Andersdotter – 26, EU-parlamentarian, Brussels /Uppsala
3. Anna Troberg – 40, chairperson for Piratpartiet, Järfälla
4. Gustav Nipe – 25, chairperson of Ung Pirat, Uppsala
5. Mattias Bjärnemalm – 34, political science, Bryssel/Malmö
6. Rick Falkvinge – 41, presenter / founder of the Pirate Party, Sollentuna
7. Deeqo Hussein – 22, student, Mölndal
8. Nils Agnesson – 28, political secretary, Stockholm
9. Henrik Brändén – 48, science writer, Uppsala
10. Gun Svensson – 76, pensioner, Norrtälje
11. Torbjörn Wester – 33, procurer, Norrköping
12. Andreas Larsson – 30, IT-technician, Rättvik
13. Niklas Dahl – 21, student, Lund
14. Marit Deldén – 30, teacher student, Sundsvall
15. Malin Karlsson – 24, on parental leave, Karlstad
16. Troed Sångberg – 39, director of research, Örebro
17. Anton Nordenfur – 21, author, Linköping
18. Nathalie Ylitalo – 28, security guard, Luleå
19. Jacob Hallén – 55, business owner, Göteborg
20. Mårten Fjällström – 36, project leader, Uppsala

england is ppuk is pirate party united kingdom running for eu elections

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom they are competing for 73 MEP seats in the European Parliament. PPUK has a stronghold in Manchester where they reached 4.5% in their last election but may still miss some strength on national level. Thus they have decided to focus on the North West Region competing for 8 of the 73 seats in United Kingdom.


North West Region
1. Maria Aretoulaki. She runs her own IT consultancy as well as being a dubstep DJ
2. George Walkden. A lecturer in linguistics at Manchester University
3. Jack Allnutt. Pirate Party Manchester organiser and Europe spokesperson.