Flattr and Bitcoin support for March 2016

Flattr and Bitcoin support for March 2016

Our support on Flattr has decreased to almost nothing. We received support from 8 persons who mostly gave recurring flattr clicks. Thanks for your continued support!

On Bitcoin we received one donation on April 7th for 1.42 Bitcoins (539 Euro), THANKS.

In March 2016 we had 8 things flattred by 8 unique users. In total we were flattred 13 times and received 3.18 Euro in support for our work.

Flattr is a microdonation service that allows you to give a small amount of money each month to content you would like to give support. It can be compared to a “Facebook super-like” with money attached. Users act like patrons of work and  ”many small streams” adds up to something larger. The flattr button can be found at the bottom of each of our articles or you can support us directly on our flattr profile.

Flattr has removed their statistics of flattrs received. We are considering alternatives to Flattr since not many are using the service anymore. Would you rather use something else to donate money? Paypal, Patreon, litecoin etc. ?

Featured image: Modified from CC-BY-NC-SA, Tim Reckmann