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Flattr Appreciation During April Euro 14.93

In April we had 35 things flattred by 15 unique users. In total we were flattred 76 times last month and received Euro 14.93 in support for our work.  Next month I will put some statistics together and see how the support from Flattr users has varied over the months. Currently we’re working on getting translations for our articles which might take some of our funds depending on our setup. So far the only costs we have had is 21 Euros for hosting our website and 21 Euros for paying for our domain name for two years. We are trying to send out some small flag banners to our team-members as a physical presence in the homes of our teams. Still trying to figure out the details though.

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Period: April

Thing: Clicks: Revenue:
Pirate_Times on Flattr 5 €4.88
Iceland Report #3 ; Final Campaigning for a Better Iceland 5 €1.88
Young Pirates SE Want to Introduce Mass Immigration and Form Nordic Federal State 6 €1.13
Iceland Report #4 : History Made by a Hair’s Breadth 4 €1.08
Pirate Party Charges Banks for WikiLeaks Boycott 2 €1.05
About Us 4 €0.85
PPI blocked from becoming observer members of WIPO 3 €0.84
Pirate Party Iceland Polling at 7.8% with 17 Days Left Until Elections 3 €0.68
Flattr Appreciation During August 2 €0.59
Croatian Pirates at the Gates of European Parliament 3 €0.51
Tweet by @PirateTimes, 13 Apr 1 €0.36
Insurance Against Filesharing Lawsuits Launched in Sweden 3 €0.22
Politics For the People – the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness 2 €0.15
Sašo Miklič: We have a Democratic Deficit 2 €0.15
Flattr Appreciation During March Euro 13.69 2 €0.15
PPI Conference in Kazan, Russia 2 €0.15
The Belgian Pirate Party between Sadness and Happiness 2 €0.15
Call for Action to Help European Pirate Party Form 2 €0.15
Report from Iceland #1 2 €0.15
Fund Raising 2 €0.15
Report from Iceland #2 2 €0.15
Interview with New Zealand Pirate Party President 2 €0.15
The Pirate Times Pirate Party Policy Comparison Table 2 €0.12
P-review 8-14 April 2013 1 €0.10
Euroscepticism Won The Elections In Croatia 1 €0.10
P-review April 29 to May 5 2013 1 €0.10
Pirate Times website 1 €0.10
P-review 15 – 21 April 2013 1 €0.10
Pirate Times Review 01 – 07 April 2013 1 €0.10
The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – March 2013 1 €0.10
The Team 1 €0.07
Political Differences Between the Pirate Parties 1 €0.07
Alex Arnold Becomes the First Elected Pirate Mayor! 1 €0.05
How Sweden Found an Effective Way of Broadening their Politics 1 €0.05
Pirates are Practicing the Experiment of Human Knowledge 1 €0.00
Flattr fee 10% – €1.66
Total sum for 35 things flattred by 15 unique users €14.93

Featured image: AttributionShare Alike CC-BY, flattrcom

Josef Ohlsson Collentine

About Josef Ohlsson Collentine

I'm a dual citizen (American/Swede) and try to integrate my reflections from a more global perspective if possible. I'm the organizational leader for Pirate Times and work actively to strengthen the pirate movement through this work as well as being the international contact for Piratpartiet (PPSE). Elected board member of PPSE for 2015-2018. If you would like to ask me something I speak English, Swedish and Spanish. Find me on the links below