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Flattr Appreciation During February Euro 29.10

In February we had 41 things flattred by 20 unique users. We also received 10Eur in flattr donation from one person, THANKS. In total we were flattred 95 times this month and received Euro 22.40 (+9.50 in donation) in support for our work. Every donation we get is very important and means a lot to us. We still haven’t started using our money apart from web hosting and domain name but we will buy our team something soon. Thanks for keeping us motivated through flattr clicks. 666 clicks on our flattr buttons, we’re feeling extra evil right now 😉

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Period: 201302

Thing: Clicks: Revenue:
The Hydra Bay – PPSE Pulls Back But TPB Emerges in Norway and Spain 4 €2.79
Pirate Times website 3 €1.75
PPEU: Progress in Paris 4 €1.37
Pirate_Times on Flattr 3 €1.30
Music industry seeks to ruin Pirate Party leaders 1 €1.25
Pirate Party Charges Banks for WikiLeaks Boycott 1 €1.00
Corruption scandal in Spanish Government 3 €1.00
EU Intends to Privatise the “Basis of all Life” 5 €0.98
The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – January 2013 3 €0.92
Creative Commons – Sharing is Caring 4 €0.91
Sweden Pirate Party Threatened with Law Suit 6 €0.78
The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – October 2012 1 €0.74
Pirate Parties Worldwide 3 €0.61
Why Pirates Should Care About Accessibility on the Web 4 €0.54
Flattr Appreciation During January Euro 22.40 4 €0.54
How To: Distribute Leaflets in Letterboxes 3 €0.51
How To: Make a School Tour With Pirate Politics 3 €0.51
Pirate Parties Help Victims of Megaupload Siezure 3 €0.51
The Pirate World 2013 2 €0.46
6 Months of Pirate Times (Aug 13-Feb 12) 3 €0.41
About Us 4 €0.36
International Privacy Day 23rd February 2013 2 €0.25
Italian Elections 25-26 February 2013 2 €0.25
The Importance of International Privacy Day in the United States 2 €0.25
Pirate Party of Poland Registered as a Political Party 2 €0.25
P-review 2 €0.25
P-review 26 February 2013 2 €0.25
Pilot project for International Pirate Partnerships Announced 1 €0.21
What Would You Ask a Pirate MEP? 1 €0.21
PPI blocked from becoming observer members of WIPO 2 €0.19
How Sweden Found an Effective Way of Broadening their Politics 1 €0.04
Alex Arnold Becomes the First Elected Pirate Mayor! 1 €0.04
Iceland’s Pirate Party Leader Plans Risky Trip to USA 1 €0.04
Flattr Appreciation During August 1 €0.04
Pirate Party Russia hosts upcoming PPI Assembly 1 €0.04
Pirate Party of Lower of Saxony Fighting to make it into State Parliament 1 €0.04
UK/EU Debate – PPUK: “We will not benefit from antagonising neighbours” 1 €0.04
Mumble – The English Speaking Salon 1 €0.04
Using Video in the Pirate Cause 1 €0.04
Slovenia enacted net neutrality, but almost made a step toward Orwellian police state 1 €0.04
The Team 1 €0.04
Flattr fee 10% – €2.18
Total sum for 41 things flattred by 20 unique users €19.60

+Flattr donation €10 (-€0.50 fee) = €9.50

Featured pic: CC-BY, Pirate Times

Josef Ohlsson Collentine

About Josef Ohlsson Collentine

I'm a dual citizen (American/Swede) and try to integrate my reflections from a more global perspective if possible. I'm the organizational leader for Pirate Times and work actively to strengthen the pirate movement through this work as well as being the international contact for Piratpartiet (PPSE). Elected board member of PPSE for 2015-2018. If you would like to ask me something I speak English, Swedish and Spanish. Find me on the links below