income from support by flattr for october 2013

Flattr Appreciation During October Euro 12.55

In October 2013 we had 26 things flattred by 18 unique users. In total we were flattred 41 times last month and received Euro 12.55 in support for our work. This was our lowest month so far but our activity was low during October as well. We only managed to publish 14 posts during the month of October. Thanks to our regular flattr contributors! You have bought us a translation back-bone which is being customized so hopefully we will have Spanish + French (+more?) translations here during 2014!

Flattr is a microdonation service that allows you to give a small amount of money each month to content you would like to give support. It can be compared to a “Facebook super-like” with money attached. Users act like patrons of work or people they want to support and  ”many small streams” adds up to something larger.

Period: October

Thing: Clicks: Revenue:
Pirate_Times on Flattr 7 3.814
Freedom Not Fear Walk – A Personal Experience 4 1.120
Czech Pirates Ready for Elections 25 to 26 October 2013 2 0.875
Local By-election in the UK. Pirate Candidate Gets 4.5% 2 0.875
Flattr Appreciation During September Euro 17.75 4 0.837
European Pirates: A Common Programme for European Elections 1 0.727
Birgitta Jónsdòttir’s Dream for a Model Iceland 3 0.571
Pirate Times website 2 0.567
About Us 3 0.562
13 % of Swedes Consider Voting Pirate in EU Elections 1 0.555
Flattr Appreciation During May Euro 20.49 2 0.447
Record Labels = $4.5 Billion / Pirates = $0. Not True At All 2 0.422
Elections in Austria: 0.8% in Their First National Election 2 0.370
PPI blocked from becoming observer members of WIPO 2 0.335
National Elections in Luxembourg 1 0.222
Election Hopes of Luxembourg Pirates Exceeded, Reaching 2.94% 1 0.200
The Transphobic Trials of Chelsea Manning 1 0.192
The Team 1 0.192
How Sweden Found an Effective Way of Broadening their Politics 1 0.148
Alex Arnold Becomes the First Elected Pirate Mayor! 1 0.148
Australian 2013 Election Results 1 0.148
Spanish MP Gave Power to the People 1 0.148
Flattr Appreciation During August 1 0.148
According to Spanish Law, internet piracy is the same as torture 1 0.148
The Commissioner of Fundamental Rights Receives Signatures Against Surveillance 1 0.148
Icelandic Pirates Found a Youth Wing 1 0.012
Flattr fee – 1.394
Total sum for 26 things flattred by 18 unique users 12.55

Featured image: CC-BY, flattr

Josef Ohlsson Collentine

About Josef Ohlsson Collentine

I'm a dual citizen (American/Swede) and try to integrate my reflections from a more global perspective if possible. I'm the organizational leader for Pirate Times and work actively to strengthen the pirate movement through this work as well as being the international contact for Piratpartiet (PPSE). Elected board member of PPSE for 2015-2018. If you would like to ask me something I speak English, Swedish and Spanish. Find me on the links below