Freedom not Fear International Action Days

Freedom not Fear International Action Days

Freedom not Fear is an organization that coordinates over 150 NGOs, political parties, trade unions and other organisations that share common aims.


  • To have freedom of speech in a digitized world and a free and uncensored internet to express ourselves.
  • To have privacy in the knowledge society, not surveillance.
  • To live in freedom, not in fear.

They are mostly European based but are drawing more attention from the rest of the world.  Since 2008 they have been holding events to bring attention to the danger that the world is in due to increasing state and international surveillance.

From 26-29  September 2014 they will be holding a conference, debates and some form of protest in Brussels. Thisis in line with action taken in previous years since 2008.

Their demands are:

  • Cutbacks on surveillance measures
  • Evaluation of existing surveillance powers
  • Moratorium on new surveillance powers
  • Ensure freedom of expression, dialogue and information on the Internet
  • Preservation of human rights

Featured image: CC BY-NC-SA CeBepuH