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French Translation of Pirate Times Goes Public (Spanish Soon…)

This post is also available in: French, Spanish

Some of our posts are now available in French translation. One of the goals for Pirate Times is “to increase the international awareness of different Pirate Parties” and another is to “spread news internationally and share best practices regardless of borders”. Language can act as a major deterrent in these goals which is why we feel translations are important for us.

“Je suivais déjà les articles du Pirate Times lorsque j’ai lu l’article ‘Become a Pirate Times Contributor‘. Je pense que le Pirate Times a un rôle important à jouer pour diffuser ce qui fonctionne et ce qui fonctionne pas dans le mouvement pirate. C’est en diffusant massivement le savoir et l’information que naissent des idées. Afin de favoriser cela, la traduction est un passage obligé. Le lancement des différentes versions du Pirate Times permettra également aux pirates d’interagir ensemble” – Florian Farge (French translator)

We have worked out routines and tried making the translations as easy as possible with a clear process. The French team has reached a stage where they feel confident enough to be more public. The Spanish are note quite as advanced but working towards catching up with the Spanish translators. You can follow the French translations on Facebook and twitter. The French team is currently a small team and we are looking for more people willing to help with translating our articles into French and promoting them through social media. If you are interested you can sign up to our translator team here: http://lists.pp-international.net/listinfo/ppnews We are excited to bring the pirate movement closer to the French speaking part of the world. If you are interested in translating Pirate Times to another language we can expand with more languages as soon as we find enough active translators (4+) for a language.

Josef Ohlsson Collentine

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I'm a dual citizen (American/Swede) and try to integrate my reflections from a more global perspective if possible. I'm the organizational leader for Pirate Times and work actively to strengthen the pirate movement through this work as well as being the international contact for Piratpartiet (PPSE). Elected board member of PPSE for 2015-2018. If you would like to ask me something I speak English, Swedish and Spanish. Find me on the links below