ttip is the new version of acta demonstrations global and why we protest

Global Demonstrations Against TTIP – Hundreds Jailed in Brussels

15 May 2014 was a day of demonstrations in several countries throughout Europe against TTIP. A wiki site was used to organize the trans-national demonstrations. More than 1.600 people across 5+ countries went out in the streets to protest.

why we are demonstrating against ttip just like we did with acta

The largest demonstration took place in Brussels where around 600-1000 people took part of the demonstration against TTIP. Police detained 250+ of the demonstrators in Brussels.

“We came into the streets because our political leaders are not listening. It seems they’ve only got ears for big business and their representatives who co-organised the European Business Summit. And to be treated so brutally, as if we were violent criminals — when our actions were entirely peaceful.”

Pirate Times have recently written more about TTIP. The organizers of this demonstration chose to focus on five main reason to why they protest:

  • TTIP removes democracy – Corporations will gain even more power and influence on behalf of citizens
  • TTIP undermines basic rights – it limits civil rights, liberties and private use of the internet in a similar way as ACTA tried
  • TTIP is not transparent – There is much controversy surrounding the secret negotiations and not inviting all stake-holders
  • A paradigm change is needed – understanding must be designed to strengthen our social standards through a transparent and democratic process
  • The confrontation line is not USA vs EU, but the people vs major corporations – citizens are excluded from the current negotiations

The fifth negotiation round for TTIP will take place 19-23rd of May in Arlington, USA. There is a lack of information around the negotiations and most people not part of negotiations will have to rely on leaks to get information

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