Greek Pirate Elected to Board of Athen's Teacher Association

Greek Pirate Elected to Board of Athen’s Teacher Association

Last week “Pirates in Education” achieved another victory. They won a seat (out of a total of seven ) in the elections for the board of Athen’s Teacher Association “Aristotle”, the largest of the 2 teachers associations in Athens with nearly 1,500 members.

The Union Organization of Pirates surpassed the votes for unions backed by PASOK, a party in the government of Greece, and the left party of SYRIZA. Without any financial support, unlike other unions that printed posters and leaflets, Pirates campaigned online and focused on the digital communication with their colleagues.

Thanassis Gounaris, Chairman of the Board of Pirate Party of Greece, talking to Pirate Times about his election to the Board of “Aristotle”:

“Many thanks to all those who supported us with their vote. After two years, since our founding and participation in all elections of our trade union body, teachers are embracing “Pirates in Education” and their principles that are based on the Pirate movement. Teachers are at the forefront of education in a world that is changing rapidly every day.
Technology is affecting teaching and schools and in the new digital era, in which students often know more than their teachers, education has to work in a different way. With a series of small victories, achieved those two years, we persuaded and won the confidence of the teachers of Athens. From our new position we can intervene in the problems we face as professionals and have a better communication with our colleagues”

(Gounaris is also an elected member of the Council of Representatives of Greek Teachers Federation, since May 2013).

Featured Image: Gounaris talking to his colleagues. CC-BY-Pirates In Education
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