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Topics We Write About

Pirate Topics – Global Pirate Party related news. (e.g. Copyright)
Pirate Party News -Election Results, changes in Pirate Parties, EU parliament
Interviews – Party Introductions, Pirate Introductions
Tips & tricks – Organizational tips (e.g. how to arrange a pirate event)


Content Criteria

The Pirate Times is a journalistic medium. This means we report news impartially and in a neutral manner. There are three important journalistic principles for writing articles: they should be interestingnew and relevant.


The majority of our readers are Pirates or have at least an interest in Pirate politics. Every guest author should ask themselves whether their article is relevant for pirates but also if it is interesting to an international audience. The finished article should have 150 - 3,000 words words. Longer articles should be divided into several parts and discussed with the editorial administrators.


A guest writer is welcome to present their point of view as long as it can be supported with valid and fact-based arguments. It is important that professionalism and the potential for new knowledge is offered to the reader. Private opinions need to be kept out of articles as far as possible. Polemic and sarcasm should be used very sparingly. A neutral form of wording should be used. E.g. only “good” instead of “very good”.


Images and Videos

Submitted pictures should have a “free“ license and be available for non-commercial use (e.g. by a CC, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license). We will not publish images if they are not under a free license. In general an article should include: a bigger image, as featured image on top of the article, and one or several smaller images to use in the article. A size of 640px by 315px is optimal for displaying the featured image.



All articles in the Pirate Times are covered by our default CC license (CC-BY-SA Pirate Times). When the article is published it will fall under our default license unless you specifically requested something else.


Decisions Concerning the Publication

The decision whether a guest article is published or not is made by the editorial team. It may be that an editor has content remarks or formal remarks to sections of the article, in this case the text can be published when these are fixed. Any article submitted to us is first proof-read and then published in 1-3 days.


Open Questions

We are happy to help with any questions you might have. Please contact us by email: contact [ @]