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Hollywood Director Promotes Oscar Nominated Film with Torrent Download

In 2002, a short film named Johnny Flynton was released. One of the comments on its IMDB page, titled ‘someone please distribute this film’ reads:

“I was blown away. The performances, the cinematography, the writing were all great.” — Author: Brad H.

Johnny Flynton was written and directed by Lexi Alexander, a German-born Hollwyood film director. Alexander is well known for her later films Green Street Hooligans and Punisher: War Zone, as well as her controversial stance on intellectual property.

In 1993, at the age of 19, she became the world champion in both point fighting and karate. She then retired from professional fighting and moved to the US, where she landed the part of Kitana in Mortal Kombat: Live Tour. Alexander continued to work as a stunt woman while studying acting and directing at the Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory and UCLA. The first short film she directed, Johnny Flynton, was nominated for an Academy Award for best live action short film in 2003. Alexander remembers:

“Short films have to play in a theater to be qualified for the Academy Award. I had to pay the theater to give my film a 3 day run. I had to raise the money (this was before crowd funding) so I traveled for one year around the US to teach close quarter combat seminars, for ‘pay what you can’ tickets (and explained that I was doing it in order to make a short film).”

The 39 minute short film is based on a true story about a boxer who ends up accidentally destroying what he loves the most. The film was converted to a torrent file, which can be downloaded from a webpage, set up by copyright activist and Twitter user @KendamaGendale. The page also includes a Bitcoin and Dogecoin address, allowing for direct donations to Lexi Alexander, who confirmed that the addresses belong to her.

The torrent download includes information about donations, as well as information about the film itself. The video file is in .mp4 format and has a 640p resolution. The full torrent download is 237.5 MiB in size. I was able to download the film within a few minutes, after which I heartily enjoyed watching this tragic love story.

I hope you’ll enjoy the film as much as I did and encourage you to show your appreciation towards director Lexi Alexander by sending some crypto currency her way.

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Bitcoin address: 1C4DgBMuiGEXoDFCThNESt1QDaUM11bMSy

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