How to Poke a Dragon: Call to Arms for the Fight for Copyright Reform

How to Poke a Dragon: Call to Arms for the Fight for Copyright Reform

Now is time to stop bantering and unite forces to save the fight for copyright reform. Now is time to figure out whether we are a movement, or just people who like to play Jack Sparrow dress up. If we, the Pirates, will not stand up and support Julia Reda our only MEP, then the movement is dead.

We are at a crucial point in the reformation of copyright. We are waging a war against the copyright lobbies and we need to be the ones representing our point of view. Nobody else is going to do it. Yes, I know you’re busy, but you know what: life is short but copyright will live forever. We don’t know when this chance will appear again. Therefore, we need you to help us. We need you to join our army. If you think you’re a Pirate and are not going to bother, then you should maybe consider joining the EPP or something.

The campaign has been launched. It is about contacting your MEP telling about your experience with copywrongs in the copyrights.

We are going to use the hashtag #copywrongs alongside #copyright when possible. Instagram, tweet or facebook instances of #copywrongs you see in your daily life. Someone singing the “Happy Birthday to You” in public? #copywrongs. Someone using a picture of something that’s copyrighted? #copywrongs.

And pictures like these:

You get the idea.

Mission Impossible: #Dragonpoking

If you are serious, join us in our conversation . This is where we are going to put forward everything, discuss stuff and list of tweets, translation to tweets, remixed banners, original banners etc. If you want to be part of the core team, that’s where you should report to.

We will also be on this chat channel.

If you are not serious, at least update your FB/TW/Blog banner to any of the following and keep #copywrongs hashtag bar open on Twitter and retweet. It’s the least you can do.

And this one:

CopyWar and CopyPeace – [copyrighted by L. Tolstoy]

Remember, this is war. It wasn’t us who declared war, it was the copyright industry. To be an efficient army we have to move as one, be as one and keep the eyes on the end goal: Freedom of Information and reforming archaic laws to respect the modern technological boundaries and human rights.

We need to poke the dragon and we can’t do it alone. We are only able to do it together.

If you want to call yourself a Pirate proudly, now is the time to step forward and help us promote true copyright reform. This is why the movement was born. Now it’s time to walk the walk.

Party on. We can do it. CopyLove. #dragonpoking.


Ásta HelgadóttirThis post has been written by Ásta Helgadóttir.
Ásta is a historian by training but has become more involved with politics and is a member of the Pirate Party of Iceland. She was an intern for MEP Amelia Andersdotter and is now a deputy MP in the Alþingi (the Icelandic Parliament). She plans to enter the Alþingi later this year to replace Jón Þór Ólafsson who is stepping down as an MP.
She has a blog, a facebook and twitter account (@asta_fish).




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