How Visible are Pirate Parties in Their EU Campaigning?

How Visible are Pirate Parties in Their EU Campaigning?

The EU elections will have 15 Pirate Parties campaigning for votes in their countries. Some of the parties have complete visual communications about their participation in the EU elections while some others are a bit more unclear. We looked at their main sites to find how clear their campaigning for the EU elections where at first glance.

We also looked at each of the 15 parties visual communication on social media (headers, profile and biography text) to see how clear they where about communicating their participation in EU elections to people stumbling on their social media profiles. We did not analyze the contents of the social media, only the main profiles themselves. The increase of followers is measured over a two week period.


Working in coalition with others which means they have a different campaign site that is mentioned in text on main page but not highlighted with sub-menus or more direct links. campaign site

Facebook header clearly displays europaanders. 8.183 (+35) followers
Twitter no reference. 4.124 (+32) followers
Google+ clear EU header displayed. 905 (-3) followers
YouTube No reference and no activity last 7 months. 321 (+0) subscribers


Clear link to campaign site in their header

Facebook No clear reference, only an inderect one with a symbolic number. 5.234 (+1) followers
Twitter No reference. 564 (+11) followers
Google+ old reference to last elections. 220 (+0) followers
YouTube No reference and no activity since a year. 20 (+0) subscribers

Czech Republic

A header taking up most of the page leading to campaign site. Clear and informative campaign site. Linking in easy way to everything visitors need (including a voting guide in 10 languages and a election competition for activists).

Facebook Header clearly displays EU election but no url to campaign site. 55.169 (+633) followers
Twitter no reference. 3.306 (+34) followers
Google+ clear reference in header. ? followers
YouTube no reference but recent campaign videos uploaded. 3.022 (+34) subscribers


Only featured in a blog post talking about their program. No campaign site or other references.

Facebook header featuring candidate + hashtag #euromeikar. 1.189 (+23) followers
Twitter header with candidate name + hashtag #euromeikar. 1.247 (+2) followers


Featured in one of three rotating header photos. Campaign for EU elections is in a sub-page which is clearly displayed in menu

Facebook header clearly displays EU elections. 4.796 (+68) followers
Twitter no reference. 5.099 (+52) followers
Google+ no reference. 215 (+0) followers
YouTube no reference but a video uploaded very recently. 154 (+1) subscribers


Latest two blog posts about EU elections but no other reference on website.

Facebook profile + header shows EU elections but only url leads to a join/donate site. 6.220 (+59) followers
Twitter no reference. 27.852 (+155) followers
Google+ header + profile showing EU elections. url to join/donate site. 825 (+1) followers
YouTube no reference but recent videos about EU elections. 511 (+8) subscribers


Clear focus on eu-elections through sub-page with campaign-site.

Facebook profile + header about EU election slogan but only relevant if you already know slogan. 89.413 (+80) followers
Twitter Header shows visual part of EU election but no clear reference. 125.233 (+338) followers
Google+ Header shows slogan but no other reference. 9.704 (+10) followers
YouTube No reference but recent videos about EU election. 5.447 (+15) subscribers


Clear reference to their campaign site in side-bar. High-lights a donation meter that is only half-way which might give visitors a mixed view of their chances.

Facebook clear reference to #votepirate and picture of EU. 3.803 (+74) followers
Twitter no reference. 5.442 (+54) followers
Google+ no reference. 421 (+0) followers
YouTube no reference but a lot of recent activity. 617 (+6) subscribers


Findable campaign-site in top-menu but no other reference. Campaign site is clear and easy.

Facebook Header that clearly shows campaign-site. 3.316 (+17) followers
Twitter bio text saying ‘Europe can do it better!’ Unclear if reference to a EU slogan. 2.679 (+27) followers
Google+ no reference. 228 (+1) followers
YouTube no reference but some recent activity. ? subscribers


Candidates for EU elections clearly highlighted with banner just below header. Several other references to EU campaign as well.

Facebook profile+header very clearly hilights EU elections. 5.249 (+156) followers
Twitter no reference. 7.990 (+153) followers
YouTube no reference, last activity a month ago with videos about EU election. 252 (+9) subscribers


header clearly showing EU election focus but only leads to website of 1 of the three coalition parties

Facebook Header makes clear reference to EU but nothing about elections. 3.431 (+31) followers
Twitter no reference. 892 (+3) followers 892
YouTube no reference. no activity since a year back. 19 (+0) subscribers


Main menu has clear link to EU elections campaign-page.

Facebook no reference. 6.514 (+72) followers
Twitter no reference. 1.436 (+37) followers
Google+ no reference. 528 (+7) followers
YouTube no reference, one recent video. 18 (+0) subscribers

Spain / The Spanish Confederation

Clear and visible links to campaign site. Note: the Spanish confederation is made up of several regional parties with a much stronger following than the main organization.

Facebook no reference. 756 (+45) followers
Twitter no reference. 1.587 (+126) followers
Google+ no reference. 17 (+4) followers


Clear header but not click-able, link in sidebar and with a stickied blog-post on top of page to campaign-site. Clear and easy site that maintains many parts of main site while featuring EU campaign. Also links to what was accomplished in EU last term

Facebook clear reference to EU. Url to become a member instead of campaign-site. 81.613 (+564) followers
Twitter Clear in bio description. Design elements from EU campaign but no other mention. 17.468 (+5.995) followers
Google+ Same header as fb mentioning EU but not campaign site. 2.316 (+37) followers 2.316
YouTube same header mentioning EU, recent activity about EU. 1.421 (+44) subscribers


Several mentions of EU elections including an embedded video about voting more pirates into EU. Clear campaign site.

Facebook no reference. 8.985 (+144) followers
Twitter no reference. 14.308 (+476) followers
Google+ no reference. 568 (+11) followers 568
YouTube no reference but recent videos about EU election. 862 (+18) subscribers

This article was written a few days ago (15 May 2014) and some things may have changed since then.
Featured image: CC-BY-NC, Ewan Mcintosh