Iceland’s Parliament Viewer, Keeping Track of Politicians

Iceland’s Parliament Viewer, Keeping Track of Politicians

In the run up to the national election in Iceland one of the comments about the Pirate Party was that they were keeping their electoral promises before the elections had taken place. One of the reasons for this was the development of the Online Parliament Viewer or Alþingisrýnirinn, which is in line with the Pirate’s call for increased transparency

The Online Parliament Viewer sources data from publicly available records and presents them in a way that is easy to understand. It shows how MPs have voted on a single bill or on the top 100 most controversial issues in the last term and it also highlights instances where representatives have voted against their own party line. Another feature that voters might like to know is how often their member of parliament turned up to represent them; for that purpose there is an attendance record. Voters can see at a glance how often their representatives have been representing them.

A table of MPs and their statistics

The software is a gift from the Icelandic Pirate Party to the Icelandic nation. It is open source software and as such is available to all interested organisations to take and adapt to their own system and the code can be found on github. The principle developer is Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson. The description and documentation is in Icelandic but modern translation software does a reasonable job and there are plenty of Pirates in Iceland who would help you adapt it.

Featured image:  PPIS CC BY-SA