IMMI – A Safe Haven for Digital Rights – An Introduction

IMMI – A Safe Haven for Digital Rights – An Introduction

Over the coming weeks we want to introduce you to and explain  IMMI (International Modern Media Initiative – an acronym and so pronounced as a word) and how it relates to the Pirate Movement. It came out of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, a project to take the best data protection laws from around the world and to implement them in Iceland. The new organisation has the same objective, it is  just that the whole world is now the focus of implementation. However it has become much more than that and as we will see – a hot bed of innovation.

In this article we will bring you two videos that will explain why IMMI was bought into existence by two Pirates who are deeply involved in the project – before the Joined the Pirate Movement. Smári McCarthy and Birgitta Jónsdóttir.

CC-BY-SA Smári McCarthy


CC BY-SA Pirate Times

Taken at the Urban Spree Gallery for reSource Transmediale


Featured image: CC-BY IMMI and Image Editor