International Privacy Day 23rd February 2013

International Privacy Day 23rd February 2013

Next weekend, Saturday 23 February 2013, the world’s citizens are being called to action in the defence of privacy. There is barely a country left in the world where the rights of the individual are not under attack from unwarranted surveillance by the state and the business sector. Politicians are beset by lobbyists and foreign and domestic governments clamouring for more and more intrusions into the private sphere. In Europe the focus is on INDECT but the attacks are many and varied by nation. You will find a long but incomplete list in the protestwiki page.

Events are being organised worldwide by Pirates and our friends such as Anonymous. Check the Riseup pad for an action near to you and if there is not one in your town or city then you know what to do. Yes – organise a protest or paperstorm yourself. You can get ideas for stickers and flyers from this German wiki to adapt to your own land and language – don’t forget to add contact details for your local Pirate Party to the flyers. It would be helpful if you post your work back to the wiki so others can benefit from your work.

Poster with surveillance cameras pointing at a sign saying cheese

Anonymous CC BY-SA

If you are bilingual in German and English then there is a need to translate wiki pages – your help would be very appreciated.

For the international day for privacy you can keep up-to-date by following the Twitter handle @idp2013 and using the hashtag #IDP13 .

Featured image:  by Dr.Troll CC BY-SA