International Projects in e-Government and Digital Cooperation

International Projects in e-Government and Digital Cooperation

One of the areas that the Pirate Parties are trying to act on is the adjustment of politics to a new digital age. This can be achieved through adding more transparency to the governments, opening them up for more collaboration and use of data and turning the government into more of an eGovernment in order to both use more of the benefits brought by our digital age and protect us from its risks.

The Swedish E-delegation is assigned to, amongst other things,  to “aid the government in EU-collaboration and in international projects concerning eGovernment” (translated dir. 2009:19). In order to do this, they are monitoring the area and have compiled a list of projects in the fields of transportation, social security, eID, tax and customs etc.

This list is, unfortunately, only in Swedish which is why Pirate Times decided to translate it for the awareness of other Pirate Parties as well as other international organizations interested in eGovernment. Hopefully this list will lead to more awareness and collaboration instead of starting up similar projects. We encourage you to copy and evolve this list on your own as well, but please link back to us if you do.

Labor Market / Studies

EU-project. A portal helping students, job seekers, workers, parents, guidance counsellors and teachers in finding information about studying in Europe.

EURES (European Job Mobility Portal)
EU-project. A portal informing about available jobs in EU-countries, CVs from interested candidates, what one needs to know about living and working abroad and much more.


Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
Global project. Exchange of ideas and experience within eGovernment.

International Tele-union Global Cyber Security Agenda
Global project. Collaboration to increase safety in our digital society.

OECD public sector innovation and e-government
OECD-project. How IT can be used for more efficency in management.

OECD observatory of Public Sector Innovation
OECD-project. Collect and analyse examples of innovation in public administration and promote the most successful projects.

Open e-TrustEx (within Join Up)
EU-project. An open source platform offered to public administrations on European, national and regional levels to create a safe exchange of documents.

OSEPA is an EU-collaboration around open data trying to create more efficiency and development through inter-regional collaborations in order to achieve economical modernization and increased competitiveness in Europe.

Core Public Service Vocabulary (Join Up)
EU-project. Joint terms to describe public eServices and eGovernment in different countries.

European Interoperability Strategy (EIS Governance Support –> ISA)
EU-project. Collaboration and exchange of information around public administrations about the supply and development around trans-national eServices.

e-clic (European Collaborative Innovation Centres) 
Collaboration project between Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium. Innovation within broadband and media.

e-irg (Electronic Infrastructure Reflection Group)
EU-project. Cooperation around e-Infrastructure. A collective, easy and cost-efficient use of distributed electronic resources.

EU-project. Collaboration and harmonization of national e-Infrastructures.

eHealth/Social Insurance

Nordsoc (Nordic Social Insurance Portal)
Nordic project. Guidelines around which country’s laws are valid when moving to another Nordic country.

TESS (Telematics in Social Security)
Nordic project. More efficient case management through electronic information exchange in joint pension matters. No website, contact Försäkringskassan for more details.

epSOS (within e-SENS)
EU-project. Remove linguistic, administrative and technical barriers to make it easier for people to receive medical help based on their medical history.

EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information)
EU-project. IT-system helping the electronic exchange of information between national social security units.


STORK 2.0 
EU-project. Digital collaboration with the field of eIdentification for both private individuals and business/judicial persons.


Global project. Use of IT solutions within public and private procurement.

Project within e-SENS, EU. E-procurement in the public sector.

EU-project. e-Catalogues, e-Ordering and e-Invoicing, collaboration with PEPPOL for management of post-award document.

e-Procurement forum
EU-project. Exchange platform for  ideas and experience within the public e-procurement.

Single Market Act II 
EU-project. Digital economy, facilitate e-commerce and e-procurement.

E-tender expert group
EU-commission’s expert-group around e-procurement, use of eServices for advertisement, publication of specifications and tenders, e-submission.

European Multi Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing
Exchange of information and experience around eBills on national and EU-level

Business Interoperability Interfaces (CEN BII)
EU-project. Technical digital cooperation in e-procurement in accordance with UN/CEFACT rules.

EU. A guide to documents and certificates required to participate in public procurement in another European country.

National Registration

Nordisk eFlytt
Nordic collaboration on national registration.
No website, contact Skatteverket for more details.

Core Person Vocabulary (within Join UP)
EU-project. Simplified and re-usable data-model saving important personal information such as gender, name and birth date.


Core Business Vocabulary (within Join UP)
EU-project. Simplified and re-usable data-model saving important business information such as judicial name, address and activities.

EU-project. Harmonization of rules for investment firms.

EBR (European Business Register)
EU-project. Online access to detailed European business directly from each country’s official register.

ECRF (European Commerce Resister’s Forum)
EU-project. Collaboration between authorities responsible for registration of business information.

Corporate Registers Forum
Global project. Collaboration and exchange on information about business registration systems.


OneGeology (1G)
Global project. Forum for digitalizing  geologic data

EU-project. Online platform for storing information and documents on chemicals.

SON (Security Officers Network for REACH-IT)
EU-project. Safe exchange of information about chemicals between the European Commission, national governments and institutions.

IUGS Commission for the Management and Application of GeoScience Information
Global project. Usage of IT to create, remake and spread geological data.


European e-Law Portal 
Legal information for citizens, companies and professionals.

LEOS (Legislative Editing Open Software) 
Project within ISA (EU). Automatic handling of law documents, digital collaboration between legal texts and databases.

Projekt within e-SENS, EU. Digital collaboration within the law sector, make legal info available for citizens and businesses.

Contact Point

SPOCS (within e-SENS)
EU-project. Easier administrative procedures for companies looking to expand (licenses, permits etc.)

EUGO (points of single contact) –> SPOCS
EU-project. Create a business in another country: laws, regulations and formalities. Forms.

Land / Geography

Core Location Vocabulary (Join Up)
EU-project. Simple reusable data model for location information: address, geographical name, geometry.

EULIS (European Land Information System)
EU-project. Granting banks, real estate brokers and lawyers direct access to land and property information.

Euro Geographics
EU-project. IT-infrastructure for harmonizing national geographic data.

INSPIRE  (Infrastructure for Spatial Information)
EU-project: IT-infrastructure for harmonizing national geographic data.

Tax / Customs

IOTA (The Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations)
Global project. Improving tax administration: forum for tax authorities.

Nordisk eTax
Nordic project. Tax issues for a person living in one country but working in another.

VIES II (VAT Information Exchange System)
EU-project. Electronic database of VAT-registration. Decreased management of papers on tax and VAT.

EMCS (Excise Movement Control System)
EU-project. Simple and more uniform excise duty.

EU-project. Modernization of the customs code and EU:s joint custom laws as well as developing common procedures and IT-systems.


Nordiskt Vägforum Informationssystem och kommunikationsteknologi (NVF-IKT)
Nordic project. Professional development and networking in the ICT area for the Nordic road sector.

Nordiskt Vägforum Intelligenta Transportsystem (NVF-ITS)
Nordic project. Interoperability and standardization, development of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System).

World Road Association-Road Network Operation
Global project. Promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Easy Way
EU-project. Increase the usage of ITS.

CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads)
EU-project. Collaboration on traffic and road information, usage of ITS.

EU-project. Networking of ITS experts, collaboration for the promotion of ITS

Featured image: CC-BY-NC, paul_clarke