Internet Freedom Weekend – Glenn Greenwald to Sweden

Internet Freedom Weekend – Glenn Greenwald to Sweden

The first ever Internet Freedom Weekend is a three day event taking place in Gothenburg 5-7 March 2015. The event will focus mainly on ‘Internet Freedom’ but also discuss the related topics of ‘Making & Sharing’ and ‘Internet Activism’. The first two days will be part of the larger conference called ‘Media Days Gothenburg (MEG15)’. The conference is a Nordic meeting point for politicians, media gurus, twitterati, listeners, viewers and journalists. This year MEG15 will have freedom of speech as one of their main topics and the Swedish Pirate Party has invited Glenn Greenwald as one of the speakers.

The last day of the Internet Freedom Weekend will be arranged as a seperate event. Featuring keynote speakers Julia Reda (MEP for PPDE), Peter Sunde (Flattr and one of the founders of TPB) and Alexander Bard (Creating God in the Internet Age). The day will be full of interesting talks from other speakers such as Magnus Torstensson, Jasmine Idun Lyman, Carl Heath, Camilla Morin, Isadora Wronski, Annika Suikki, Jonas Söderholm and others to be announced. With talks ranging from library curation, DIY culture, Swarmsweep for activists, ICT and Internet Activism it promises to have a lot of interesting ideas to take in.

An all-day event with maker and and activist culture, online freedom and seminars from renowned speakers and dedicated activists

To make Internet Freedom Weekend happen the organizers are relying on crowdfunding. With rewards ranging from a pin (shipped internationally) to seminar tickets and a private dinner with Glenn Greenwald to discuss all that you always wanted to ask him. If you are not able to contribute with funding you can always help and spread the campaign or contribute your own paper for the last day.

Glenn Greenwald’s speech will be streamed online and arrangements are being made to stream part of the talks on Saturday as well. Pirate Times will let you know more once the event gets closer.


Featured image: CC BY-SA from work by PPSE and Gage Skidmore