Italian Elections  24–25 February 2013

Italian Elections 24–25 February 2013

The Italian Pirates are not able to field leading candidates in the coming elections in Italy. As the elections have been called early PPIT was unable to muster the support needed to be able to run in time. Not wanting to just sit on the side lines and watch, they found a suitable candidate to support in the independent candidate for the newly formed party. the SEL (Sinistra Ecologia Libertà –Left Ecology Freedom) Party –  Arturo di Corinto.

Arturo Di Corinto

Arturo Di Corinto PPIT CC BY-NC-SA

Di Corinto is a psychologist journalist and author. He has also been active in digital activism since the 1990s. You can follow him in his Italian language Facebook page and on Twitter.  There is also an interview on youtube with him discussing his Pirate Party support.

The Pirates will be no doubt be using this opportunity to gain campaigning experience and to promote the Pirate Party and the Pirate principles amongst the Italian people.


  Corrections: made 22 February 2013

The dates for the election  have been corrected
It has come to our attention that there is a Pirate candidate running in the Lombardy district. Marco Marsili is a candidate  in list 20 for  the Pirati.
However the I Pirati candidate is not running for the official Italian Pirate Party as previously indicated.
(This item corrected 25 February 2013)
Thanks to Märt Põder for pointing these out.
We are always grateful for readers pointing out errors.


Pirate Party Fact Sheet for Italy
Name (English): Pirate Party Italy (PPIT)
Name (Original): Partito Pirata Italiano
Established: 16 September 2006
Party Colour: Orange
Status: Registered
PPI Member: Yes
Politicians in Office: 2
Comments: The party replaced its board with Liquid Feedback in 2012


Featured image: by Partito Pirata Italiano CC BY-NC-SA

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