government fell apart fail re elections in october 2013

Luxembourgish government fell apart, re-elections in October

Yesterday the luxembourgish government fell apart. This means that Luxembourg will have elections in October. With the latest poll showing 3% for PPLU it’s looking very positive for them reaching over the 3.5% barrier.

Their campaigning needs help and they are trying to get donations to reach their goal of € 25 000.  Help them by donating what you can. With this budget they will be able to run a good campaign to increase their percentage in elections with the following plan:

Posters and plaques: 10.000 €
Flyers and election campaign journal: € 5.500
Giveaways: 6.000 €
Information booth material: 2.000 €
Various (administrative charges, transportation, etc.): € 1,450

Other ways to help is ofcourse to travel there and aid during election times. You can also help to bring more attention to them by using the hashtag #Neiwahlen on twitter which means “new elections” and is followed by press in Luxembourg.

Featured image: CC-BY, Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg

Pirate Party Luxembourg (PPLU)
irc: #piratenlu

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