National Elections in Luxembourg

National Elections in Luxembourg

On July, 10th the Luxembourg government fell apart because of a spying scandal. This meant there had to be elections held that were previously unplanned. These elections will take place next Sunday, October 20th.

So parties were only given 3 months to prepare for those election. One of the parties competing for votes will be the Pirate Party of Luxemburg (PPLU). It will be the first time PPLU participates in a national election. A first seat is possible for them when they reach 3.5% of the vote. This seems like a very attainable goal. In the past PPLU has appeared in polls at around 3%. Under the motto “Reboot Luxembourg” the party will be advocating a basic income, transparency of the state, political participation, as well as freedom and responsibility.





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Koen De Voegt

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I'm a 34 year old electronics engineer from Antwerp, Belgium. I joined the Belgian Pirate Party in October of 2011. Around that time I was one of the first members of the Ghent branch. In January 2012 I founded the local branch of the PP in the city and province of Antwerp. I'm also travelling to international PP meetings, sometimes as delegate. I find the international nature of the pirate movement one of its great strengths to focus more on this I've successfully ran for co-chairperson of PPI.