Next German Federal Congress In Bremen

Next German Federal Congress In Bremen

On the weekend of 30 November – 1 December  2013 the Pirate Party of Germany will be holding its second general assembly of the year in the Hanseatic city state of Bremen.  This follows on from the meeting in Neumarkt in May 2013 and the national elections held in September 2013.

The German Pirates have much to discuss in the north German city this weekend.

  • Their showing in the election was not near what the polls were predicting a mere 2 years earlier and they looked certain to gain seats in the federal parliament. What happened is something they need to discuss.
  • The chairman Bernd Schlömer and vice-chairman Sebastian Nerz have both resigned from the Board. The Pirates will have to consider who will replace them
  • Their political manager, Katherine Nocum has also tended her resignation saying she cannot afford to continue in the unpaid position.  They may well have to consider whether Party functionaries should be paid in future.
  • The next major goal for the Party will be to get into the European Parliament with the elections just next year.
  • And there is unfinished business from the Neumarkt meeting. Still not finished is the move to have policy decided, not just by the attendees of the general assemblies, but by a permanent online assembly of all Pirates in the Party.
  • There is even the chance that Germany cannot form a government and new elections will have to be called.

Those of you who understand German will do well to follow the live report of the proceedings from the Flaschenpost team. Our sister publication also has interviews with candidates for the next board.

Neumarkt Flaschenpost

Some of the Flaschenpost Team at Neumarkt May 2013

The Pirate Times will endevour to bring you news from Bremen as it unveils.